2025 Mini Cooper Electric Confirmed With More Power and Improved Range

The incredibly British Mini is one of the oldest automobile brand names in the United States that was first introduced in 1959. In actuality, even though it’s more than a German brand these days but the British still buy the most Minis more than other nations and will sell 46,000 units in 2022, surpassing Mini’s 40,000 units that were sold in Germany. Mini sold 290,000 vehicles in 2022, which is a less expensive option to purchase a BMW-built car. But there’s a crucial data point in those numbers.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric
2025 Mini Cooper Electric

Mini successfully sold 43,700 electric models by 2022. This is a staggering 25% growth over 2021, as the Mini Cooper SE continues to lead the lower end of the electric vehicle market. It’s no surprise that the Mini Cooper SE has quickly become a major player in the EV market, even though it has some outdated features taken from the 2013 BMW i3. But 2024 is an era of fourth-generation Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper, and with it, a more popular Mini Electric boasting superior range and power.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric Redesign

In 2025, the Mini Cooper Electric features a familiar look that is exclusive to Mini Cooper Electric, a British hatchback. The letterbox-shaped windshield and boxy design remain as striking as ever in the coming Mini Cooper, but there are a few extra features that will bring the hatchback into a modern age.

Mini’s most significant modification is in the rear of the iconic compact, which has discarded the old Union Jack taillights for a set of triangular-shaped LEDs. The final change on the front is a pair of sharp lines that run through the hood, which leads to updated headlights that are reminiscent of Mini Cooper models of old. In 2025, the Mini Cooper Electric is taking the iconic design of the brand to a new level, making use of the Mini Cooper Electric’s “Charismatic Simplicity” design language.


The latest reports about the hot Brit has two trim levels. The base model, or “E” trim supposedly features an electric motor that is 40 kWh producing somewhere in the range of 181 horsepower. The figures were shared with 2023’s Mini Cooper SE, which is capable of completing the legendary 0-60 mph sprint in just six seconds.

The all-new “SE” trim produces 215 horsepower from a larger 54 kWh battery, indicating an improvement in the formula of the Mini Cooper EV model of 2025. Furthermore, the auto industry is abuzz with rumors of the 2025 Mini Cooper Electric, “John Cooper Works,” with the largest battery, generating the power required to match the renowned name.

Range and Features

The current 2023 Mini Cooper SE has an overall range of around 143 miles per charge. This is comparable to the BMW i3 cousin. While the current Mini Cooper SE sits in the middle of the range chart Mini promises that the 2025 Mini Cooper Electric will be able to achieve an average of 180-250 miles per charge. This is a huge improvement over the current model.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric Changes
2025 Mini Cooper Electric Changes

The confirmed features on the new Mini include their brand-new 24-centimeter OLED infotainment and entertainment system as well as Mini’s “Spike” personal assistant. For those who have an eye for high performance, Mini has installed their lithium-ion batteries on the floor to guarantee “optimum road holding,” due to their infamous dedication to the distribution of weight.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric Pricing

Prices for the upcoming 2023 Mini Cooper SE starts at $30,895 and make it among the most affordable EVs available at present. In reality, indeed, this Mini Cooper SE was only outsold by The Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt with regards to cost.

For EV users on a tight budget, Chevrolet’s uncertain decision to end the Bolt’s price of $20,000 EV could impede the American automaker’s ability to offer the most affordable EV that is available. In 2023, the Chevy Bolt EV replaced in indirect ways by an Equinox EV, with a reported price of around $30,000 Chevrolet plans to go with the British hatch and is likely to be priced between $30,000-37,000 across Mini Cooper’s “E,” “SE” and the potential “JCW” trim levels.


Although images of the 2025 Mini Cooper interior are yet to be released, a variety of excerpts of the iconic oval infotainment technology are available. Mini’s original speedometer, transformed into an infotainment hub, appears to have changed into a floating tablet device rather than the integrated unit found on the current Mini models. The new Mini has a 24cm (diameter) Infotainment hub featuring a stunning OLED screen.

Mini has expanded to offer a two-spoke steering wheel, which comes with a fabric third spoke that can sit on Mini’s “vibrant silver wheel.” Mini also provides a “hounds tooth” design for their newly designed seats. Mini claims to offer a variety of patterns for Mini Cooper clients.

2025 Mini Cooper Electric Interior
2025 Mini Cooper Electric Interior


Despite BMW being the European producer of EVs in 2013 the company has been unable to make a mark in the EV market over the last few years. Contrary to the competition, BMW has relied heavily on shared platforms to power their EV offerings and the electric vehicles they have on an operating system with a plethora of gasoline-powered, greasy models.

But, things are changing and BMW recently unveiled that it will launch the “Neue Klasse” (New Class) EV platform set to be launched in 2025. Today 2025 Mini Cooper Electric will remain on the Bavarian brand’s FAAR platform and will be shared with BMW’s brand-new iX1 Electric Vehicle.


Mini is evolving post-2024 using renewable materials in Mini’s vehicles and repeating their design language of the past under the cover of “Charismatic Simplicity.” While it might sound like typical media buzzword language, Mini is moving dramatically toward their 2030 commitment and ensuring that all of Mini’s cars have an electric engine by 2025. BMW is looking to create Mini an exclusively electric car brand.