2025 Ford Bronco Lightning: What To Expect From The Electric Off-Road SUV

The fact that Ford is developing a fully electric Bronco is a bit of an unrevealed fact. In reality, more than some enthusiasts were surprised to learn that the brand new Ford Bronco was not available with an electric powertrain when it first launched. Now it appears that since Blue Oval has tasted success with the Ford F-150 Lightning, it is logical that the Bronco Lightning could be in the works. This is especially true after patent leaks revealed the existence of a Bronco off-roader that had an affixed roof and a battery pack that could be removed.

2025 Ford Bronco Lightning
2025 Ford Bronco Lightning

Ford might be putting off unveiling its latest electric vehicle however the digital designer Timothy Adry Emmanuel has you covered with this 2025 Ford Bronco Lightning render. With a high-powered engine as well as extreme off-road capabilities and the crucially long running range with roof-mounted batteries, the electric Bronco will be ready to take on whatever new concept Rivian comes up with. This Ford Bronco Lightning will be an electric SUV that is worth the wait.

2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Redesign

This retro-styled Ford Bronco is a massive return to the old model that powered America. It’s not difficult to understand why this design is very popular. Similar to the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco is a perfect match for the right notes for all kinds of people, from extreme off-road enthusiasts to suburban drivers seeking some adventure.

The Bronco Lightning render is a perfect example of the spirit of the vehicle with its trail-ready trim and electrical blue highlights. There’s no confusion about what drives this Bronco after you’ve seen an overview of the best features that this vehicle has to offer. The front grille’s outline as well as the pulleys for tow hooks, and beadlock wheels sound electric. In case you’ve missed those Lightning logos on doors’ fronts. Also, this ugly Bronco does not have tailpipes.

It’s not too late to add the roof-mounted battery pack that can be removed. This innovative concept is placed on top of the roof rack, meaning it could be rented out or added onto it to make up the Bronco Electric when a longer excursion is scheduled. For short drives or just within the city the roof panels could be removed and transformed into the most current beach buggy. Since, there is no doubt that when you need immediate electrical torque, sticky conditions are the most useful.

Engine & Specs

Although Ford hasn’t announced official specifications for details of the Electric Bronco specifications it’s safe to assume it’s likely that the version with electric power is going to inherit the powertrain of its big sister in 2023, which is the Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s the F-150 Lightning fully-sized electric pickup truck is a hefty firepower source due to its dimensions.

It’s also heavier than its F-150 Lightning tipping the scales with a curb weight of 6,015 pounds. weight, with the extra range battery weighing 346 pounds! It’s not a true comparability, but the standard gas-powered Ford Bronco weighs 4,070 lbs, and an all-fat Bronco Raptor weighs 5,886 pounds. We’re expecting an electronic Bronco to weigh at least 5,500 pounds, with the larger battery pack.

The F-150 Lightning base model gets 452 horsepower with its electric motors that are twin, and an EPA-certified range of 230 miles. With the battery pack for extended range, the figure increases to 580 hp and 775 lb-ft tree-pulling torque and 300 miles range. Due to its smaller weight and the smaller size, the Bronco Lightning can provide up to 300 miles. This is before you even get access to the battery pack that is removable and the additional kWh that’s stored within it. With this, it would be fantastic to see this electric Bronco could exceed the 400-mile range of its driving.

The electrical Ford Bronco also packs twin electric motors to provide intelligent all-wheel drive and performance figures that are similar to those of the F-150 Lightning. Should the electrical Bronco have more than 500 horsepower, then it shouldn’t be out of the question to envision it running 0-60mph in less than the 4.0-second threshold. Did anyone mention the Ford Bronco Raptor?


With the way that the market has reacted in response to the Rivian R1T pickup, the Rivian R1S electric SUV as well as Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric truck, Ford should take action and bring the electric Bronco available shortly. Initial reports were that the Bronco EV was scheduled to be released in 2024, and other rumors suggested that it won’t be released until 2029. The earlier date is more realistic, and like this Bronco Lightning render shows us it doesn’t require a lot of adjustments Ford must do to bring it into production.

2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Specs
2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Specs

Jeep is believed that they are working on an electric Wrangler and the hybrid Wrangler 4xe already showing its value out on trails. There’s also a brand new electric Jeep model known as the Recon is rumored to be in the works that could turn out to be the Ford Bronco’s electric challenger. Whatever the case the Blue Oval should not be slouch in this particular niche. Electric SUVs that can be off-road could attract some buyers. Particularly if they are excessively generous without risk of running out of energy in nothing. Yes, Ford could also be patent-trolling the world with the concept of a battery mounted on the roof that may increase the risk of a rollover however, if the size is kept to a reasonable level, allowing just under 100 miles range it might be small and lightweight enough to ensure safety.

2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Price & Release Date

In 2023, the Ford Bronco lineup covers a vast amount of ground between the models offered. The MSRP starting point of the highly desirable starting Bronco 2-door model is $35,890 increasing until $87,875 for the Ford Bronco Raptor’s jaw-dropping $87,875 price cost. Its most costly other than the Raptor Bronco comes in its Heritage Limited Edition at $70,990.

2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Changes
2025 Ford Bronco Lightning Changes

It’s not a stretch for us to envision a 2025 Ford Bronco Lightning offering a similarly broad range of models that can be picked to meet every budget. Should the entry-level Bronco Lightning have an affordable price of less than $50,000, it could provide an alternative to the Tesla Model 3 for a majority of people. With the fact that the Bronco is already more efficient than the Wrangler on roads that are paved and still offers similar off-road performance, a battery-powered Bronco could be a daily electric vehicle for a lot of people. It’s time to say Ford and build it now!