2025 Dodge Magnum SUV: A Modern Take on a Classic

The automobile industry isn’t continuous, and many iconic models are being taken off the market for good or reimagined into something different. The Mustang is now an all-electric SUV model in the same vein as the Mach-E and the Corvette was rebranded as a mid-engine car while the Eclipse was relegated from being the legendary Japanese sports car into a boring crossover.

2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Specs
2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Specs

Dodge is not a newbie to such transformations as we saw Dodge’s Charger brand as the very first EV Muscle vehicle. However, when you’re looking for fast MOPARS There’s one model that is both fast and practical – the Magnum – and just recently, TopSpeed teamed up with graphic designer Bimble Designs to reimagine the 2025 Dodge Magnum SUV into something entirely different.

2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Changes

The Magnum isn’t among the oldest names of its kind, however, it was in existence as early as 1978. This was in the great times of the muscle car, first Magnum included several well-known engines. The first version was a mid-sized, two-door coupe that was built in the B-body model. The power source was a range of Chrysler V-8 motors that ranged between 318 and 400 cubic inches (5.2 to 6.6 Liters).

From 1979 until 1981, the Magnum had from 1979 to 1981, there was a Brazilian version that was distinct and based on the same A-body chassis however nevertheless powered by a three-year-old 318 cubic inch V-8. The year 1981 was the model year that included a different version of the first-generation 2025 Dodge Magnum. It was modeled on the M-body and was manufactured in Mexico. The engine was a 360 cubic inches (5.9-liter) V-8.

The second generation of the Dodge Magnum (1983 to 1988) was a huge drop in sales of the car. Production was once more transferred to Mexico and the Magnum’s size shrank so opted for a more econo-car-like front-engined layout with front-wheel drive. Although some engines were used in models such as Shelby GLHS and Dodge Charger Shelby, Shelby GLHS, and Dodge Charger Shelby the vast majority of them were not equipped with any performance.

2025 Dodge Magnum SUV
2025 Dodge Magnum SUV

The Daimler-era Chrysler was a complete overhaul of the 2025 Dodge Magnum. The third generation was built on the notorious LX platform alongside Chrysler 300C. Chrysler 300C, which came out in the same period. Magnum Magnum was a more utilitarian version that had the appearance of a station wagon, and a less lavish interior, despite offering the same space. It is interesting to note that Europe had the same model, however, it was marketed as it was the Chrysler 300C station wagon. It was the same model however it had a 300C front end as well as an interior. On paper, it seems like this 2025 Dodge Magnum should have been an instant success. It had plenty of power, particularly in the SRT-8 trim that featured the 6.1-liter Hemi V-8. In the course of Chrysler’s restructuring in 2007, it was determined that the Magnum was not going to last after the model year 2008.

Since that the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona EV came out, we wondered if it could be the catalyst for other MOPARs that are performance-oriented that are which are derived from it. Although there’s no doubt that this STLA Large platform, which is the basis of the first e-Muscle vehicle is going to eventually be the foundation for other models, this rendering takes obvious inspiration from the electric Charger.

Moreover, the EV muscle car was used as the starting point for this digitally-reincarnated Magnum, which looks to be heading for more of an SUV design. Shortly following that the Daytona EV came out, and we saw station wagon and four-door versions. This version is more extreme, as Bimble Design has completely changed the ratio of glass to bodywork.

2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Models

The digital model here looks like the child of the Dodge Charger Daytona and a Range Rover Sport. The front section is all business with a blacked-out splitter and vents. A power bulge can also be found on the hood of the front, that’s also blacked out in the middle. The black trim covers the entire bottom of the Magnum and makes the wheel arches larger. These 21-inch wheels were an obvious carry-over of the muscle car EV.

2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Review
2025 Dodge Magnum SUV Review

The black roof contrasts beautifully with the body that is adorned with Hemi Orange. The front fender is also adorned with a Demon logo, indicating it’s a top-of-the-line and very strong Magnum. On the back side, anything that is below the beltline is a transfer from earlier models like the Charger Daytona, although with larger air vents in the rear bumper, along with a new diffuser with “shark fins”.

This STLA Large platform can certainly be used with an electric SUV. This is because the Jeep Grand Wagoneer currently doesn’t come with an all-electric counterpart as the Mercedes S-Class has the Mercedes EQS. The popularity of SUVs is continuing to grow even in the time of electrification, and that makes a compelling case to get the Magnum to be reintroduced with a similar design to what we have here.