2025 Buick Envision: What We Know So Far

Buick has been selling the second-generation Envision in America for about three years, so it seems like the right time to show off the new version. It’s not a coincidence that the crossover compact was launched in China just a month before. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published images of the Envision S, as it is known locally, as part of its homologation process.

Buick’s US branch has a preview of the Avenir trim, which is a more luxurious version of the 2025 Envision S. The Avenir trim has larger wheels, a new front grille, and the required orange side markers. The mid-cycle facelift introduces some significant changes to the design. It is claimed that the Wildcat concept inspired the new design. The new front fascia matches the latest Encore GX as well as the Envista.

2025 Buick Envision Specs
2025 Buick Envision Specs

Buick also released an image that allows us to see inside the crossover to show off its hands-free features. The 2025 Envision is the first model from the brand to feature Super Cruise. It will operate on more than 400,000 miles of road in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The Avenir version has a luxurious interior with plenty of leather, nice stitching, and memory seats, as well as the upgraded steering wheel required for self-driving technology.

Buick made some major changes to the dashboard, even though we cannot see it in its entirety. Likely, the infotainment and instrument cluster are now a single display, as they have been merged in many cars released recently. According to the appearance, the 2025 Envision will have the same 19-inch display as the Encore GX or Envista. Eight inches of that screen is for the driver’s display, and the other 11 inches are for the touchscreen.

Buick advises that we wait for the full details to be released later in the year, as this is just a preview. The updated Envision will be the third new model to arrive in America by 2025. The crossover has enjoyed its best sales half-year results and is on course to deliver record numbers in 2023.

Buick sells only crossovers and SUVs to the US but the sedans are still alive in China. In China, the Verano and LaCrosse remain popular. The larger of the two sedans has been upgraded to the new generation which includes a 30-inch infotainment system and Avenir trim. You can also still buy the Regal (now-defunct Opel/Vauxhall insignia) as well as Excelle, the entry-level sedan, and the GL6 or GL8 minivans.

2025 Buick Envision New Design

The Envision is the first Buick SUV to borrow styling cues directly from the Wildcat concept. While the Envista and Encore GX are smaller models, they were the first to do so. This version has a completely new front fascia, with a bigger front grille, headlights integrated into the bumper, and running lights shifted up to the corners. Buick’s emblem is also displayed front and center. Buick did not reveal much about the styling of the rear. However, based on the Encore GX’s rear, we can expect it to be significantly lighter and carry over.

2025 Buick Envision Interior
2025 Buick Envision Interior


Buick has only released an image that shows a redesigned digital instrument panel and a redesigned steering. We suspect that the Envision will receive an update to its infotainment systems in 2025, as well as interior upgrades and new upholstery for certain trims. In a previous review of the Avenir, we had originally criticized the Envision for these two items.

Envision is the only exception. GM has confirmed that it will be able to use its Super Cruise technology, which was previously exclusive to Cadillac for several years. Envision, like other models, will let drivers take their hands off of the wheel and drive themselves. The system can only be used on freeways and is restricted to routes that have been pre-mapped. This feature is likely to be available on certain models. The Avenir model may have this as standard, to reflect its position at the top of the range.

Buick has promised that it will release more information in the coming months about the 2025 Buick. Buick will also unveil two more new models before the end of the year. But don’t get your hopes too high, as the brand has previously stated that it is all in on SUVs and that they are a major part of their sales plan moving forward.

Facelift was inspired by Buick’s Wildcat concept, an eccentric electric coupe that was solely a design experiment. The Envision facelift makes the compact SUV appear fresh and also aligns its exterior styling with the Encore GX as well as the upcoming Envista. The LED accent lights are mounted high and pointy above the discreetly integrated headlights. The new trapezoidal-shaped grille is also lower than its predecessor, and the Envision ’24 features Buick’s tri-shield emblem.

Buick hasn’t released any photos of the entire dashboard. However, the image above clearly shows that the dash will feature digital displays mounted on it like the ones found in the 2025 Encore GX. This setup integrates an 8.0-inch cluster gauge and an 11.0-inch touchscreen into a single piece of glass. This could be Envision’s standard configuration. However, it will likely offer larger displays. These may be reserved for top-spec Avenir trims and possibly the 30-inch curved OLED display from the Chinese Buick Electra E5.

Envision will be available in 2025 with GM Super Cruise, a hands-free driving system. The Envision is the first Buick with this feature. It allows the vehicle to cruise without the driver having to hold the steering wheel. Super Cruise can change lanes by itself, but it only works currently on freeways with limited access that are mapped.

2025 Buick Envision Changes
2025 Buick Envision Changes

2025 Buick Envision Price & Release Date

Buick has been coy about other details, so we will have to wait a while longer before the list of features, engine specs, and pricing is released. The base price for the 2023 Buick Envision was $34,745 with three trims: Essence, Preferred, and Avenir. All three models were powered by the same 228-hp Turbo Four with front- or rear-wheel drive.

We don’t anticipate any changes to the powertrain, but we may see the Sport Touring package (ST) become a separate trim for the Buick Envision 2025, similar to what happened with an updated Encore.