2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner First Look: Everything About the New Truck!

The Gazoo Racing-inspired Toyota models are beginning to gain important acclaim in the field. What began with massive production for the most recent Supra model is now rolling out in several models like the stunning GR Corolla, GR Yaris, and GR86. Some pickup truck lovers may be ecstatic about the announcement that this model, the Hilux GR Sport, although it is unlikely to ever be seen in America. U.S. marketplace.

2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Review
2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Review

If Toyota were to provide us with the features we want in the form of a GR pickup There aren’t many better alternatives than reviving the very short-lived Tacoma X-Runner. The performance pickup was produced between 2005 and 2013, however, it did not perform on the market in the same way as it was on the roads.

2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Redesign

This model is modeled on that of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma and has plenty of additional features to help the model stand out. The front fascia has the design and layout of the basic model. This upgraded model comes with a brand-new bumper that sports a sleek design that follows its natural flow like the Tacoma. The front part flows into an incredibly low front splitter that is a whisper of powerful power. The vent on the hood of the brand-new Tacoma is there, however, the hood is smoothed out.

The sides arches and flares on the fender on the GR X-Runner are more imposing than the standard Toyota Tacoma and combine to give this truck an imposing wide-body posture. These arches in the back are filled with a lot of air and are positioned low on the racing wheels. This is a Tacoma that isn’t likely to be doing a lot of off-roading.


It’s not going to be able to accommodate large numbers of passengers, considering that the two-door version features a small cab. The flatbed is quite long but it also has an exaggerated, angular design that is based on the latest Tacoma model. Under the rear bumper that is raised is a twin exhaust port, which is smaller than the typical variations. The exterior of the Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner has gorgeous finishing touches, such as the GR Sport badges front and back. They also grace the stylish interior in red and black the cabin.


Toyota has modernized its interior with the fourth-generation Tacoma. Its style is similar to modifications Toyota has made to Sequoia and Tundra. Tundra as well as the Sequoia. It’s more technologically advanced and comes with a touchscreen that’s 14 inches. Also, Toyota has differentiated the different grades using accents of trim and features such as that of the Toyota RRD Pro’s IsoDynamic Performance Seat, which gives you the most premium experience.

2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Specs
2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Specs

The Tacoma is a faithful follower of the basic interior of the truck: a big shifter, and huge buttons. It does now have the ability to park electronically. It was not clear on the first impressions that Tacoma has significantly increased the interior space. The seating area in the rear was tight.


It is only possible to speculate the type of engine this brand-new X-Runner will have. This iForce Max has an output of 326 horsepower, which isn’t bad at all. The GR Tacoma would need more power, but considering Toyota has increased the power of the Corolla from 169 hp up to 300 HP.

The new GR Tacoma X-Runner could borrow the 3.4-liter turbocharged V6 of the Tundra. With a little tuning and an additional piece of hardware, the powerful engine will be making up to 500 hp and 665 lb-ft of torque which would mean a vehicle that may even be able to compete with even the Ford F-150 Raptor.

Fuel Economy

We don’t have any information on Toyota Tacoma’s efficiency in the fuel department at this point, either. According to our brief chat with the engineer who is in charge, Tacoma is in the early stage of testing. The present V6 4×4 Tacoma is rated at 18 mpg in the city and 22 mpg over the highway.

Switching to an 8-speed transmission as well as an engine with four cylinders and hybrid technology should boost these numbers. Lexus utilized the same engines but with different tunings for the RX. Its RX 350 AWD earns 24 MPg when combined. In comparison, the RX 500h hybrid earns 27 mpg when combined. The truck-shaped boxy Tacoma will probably be less efficient.

2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Release Date & Price

Like the Tundra model, similarly to the Tundra, i-Force Max Tacoma will take more time to go to the market. It is expected that the iForce Tacoma will begin shipping to dealers in the second half of 2023. The i-Force Max models will be available in the spring of 2024. The short answer is that we don’t have any information at this point. Toyota promises to announce the initial MSRP before the launch. We can however speculate on the MSRP based on our knowledge.

2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Redesign
2024 Toyota Tacoma GR X-Runner Redesign

The 2023 model of the Tacoma price starts from $28,250 in the SR model and goes from $28,250 to $46,685 for the TRD Pro model. We anticipate that the base model to be more expensive, and will have higher price increases towards the top of the line. Its TRD Pro and Trailhunter models are likely to compete with those of GMC Canyon AT4X, the Ranger Raptor, and GMC Canyon AT4X with prices north of $50,000.