2024 Toyota Prado: What You Need To Know

The brand-new 5th-gen 2024 Toyota Prado has finally been unveiled and it’s safe to say that it has big needs to fill, but it also has larger resources to keep up with its dominating sales record. It’s not a massive redesign of its predecessor from 14 years ago that remains Australia’s most loved large SUV. The brand Prado is a brand new model.

2024 Toyota Prado Review
2024 Toyota Prado Review

Toyota Prado is new from the beginning and is armed with numerous upgrades, improvements and new features to keep it atop the sales charts and to take Australia to the remotest regions across the globe. There are so many to choose from, we decided to put together the top five things we like and hate about the new Toyota Prado.

2024 Toyota Prado Redesign

The savage-looking new Lexus GX previewed the bulk of the Prado’s new core design a couple of months before however we’re delighted to see Toyota has infused this 250 Series with its own distinct identity. The identity of the brand indeed rests on the history of the LandCruiser brand name, with a myriad of subtle resemblances to the previous models, but the most significant of all is the fact that it doesn’t look like its predecessor. Instead of a rounded and organic design the new, boxy Prado is awash in sharp lines as well as square corners to make it look like a model of the Land Rover Defender.


One of the first details we got about the upcoming Prado was that it would be supported by Toyota’s TNGA-F ladder frame chassis, the same as that used to support the current LandCruiser 300 Series, Sequoia, Tundra, and Tacoma. The latest generation platform and its greater space should be a boon to the Prado’s driving style on and off the road especially when combined with the brand new electric steering system, the redesigned suspension, and updated electronic components.

2024 Toyota Prado Interior
2024 Toyota Prado Interior

The Prado is always among the most powerful large off-road SUVs on the market and this is despite the current version being close to 15 years old. Together with the TNGA-F platform is Toyota’s first system to disconnect sway bars, which will improve suspension articulation and travel while driving through challenging terrain, without affecting on-road performance. We’re not certain whether this feature will be only available for the top models or if it will be standard throughout the entire range, however, it’s still a sign of the Prado’s versatility and also whets our appetite for the upcoming GR Sport (or equivalent) off-roader.


It may seem like something that’s not much to get happy about However, a transmission can determine the quality of a vehicle’s performance. While there’s nothing wrong with the older six-speed auto the new Prado’s 8-speed auto will improve its performance across all situations. The greater range of gear ratios and fewer gaps between them will ensure that the Prado performs better in maximizing the torque it delivers and enhancing the efficiency of fuel consumption on the road, as well as offering lower gear ratios and more control off-road, specifically when driving in the low range.


This particular feature has been an integral part of the Prado ownership experience from the day of its launch, however, it’s nice to see that the latest model still has the full-time 4×4 option even though the majority of competitors only have part-time options. A ladder-frame car will never be a measure of modern sophistication However, with the new Prado being larger and likely more powerful than ever Drivers will continue to enjoy the safety of 4×4 traction on any surface and at all times.


There was plenty of excitement and debate before the unveiling of the Prado’s new model about what could be hiding beneath the hood, and those who dream of the V6 diesel engine that was featured in that of the LandCruiser 300 Series. Some hoped for the forthcoming HiLux GR Sport’s upgraded outputs of 165kW/550Nm – a decision that could have lifted the Prado to the top of diesel power with four cylinders within the form of a 4×4 vehicle and offered an impressive power boost over the older model.

The new Prado will be equipped with the same outputs of 150kW and 500Nm of the 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder as the model it replaces but with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system which claims to deliver a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency (discounting the brand new 8AT). As we’ve noted that only one of the five options will be available in diesel-friendly Australia (see the above) this means that we’ll be missing out on that long-expected turbocharged 2.4-litre hybrid electric and petrol that’s designed specifically for North America and China. It’s the same system found inside the Toyota Tacoma and outputs a combined 243kW and 630Nm, which is enough to beat any large SUV of the mainstream (monocoque or ladder frame) and firmly step on the heels in the 300 Series.


For a large portion of people, the most appealing feature of earlier Prados was that they were lighter and smaller than the larger LandCruiser alternatives, and consequently were less expensive to operate. The problem is that the model they are getting is the same width and length as the new 300 Series, which will undoubtedly bring a variety of strengths, including larger interiors as well as a wider footprint that is more stable however, it also has some flaws. It will at least make use of less fuel than LandCruiser’s twin-turbo 3.3-litre diesel engine.

2024 Toyota Prado Specs
2024 Toyota Prado Specs

2024 Toyota Prado Price & Release Date

The brand new 2024 Toyota Prado will arrive in local showrooms “mid-2024” – that’s the official statement of Toyota Australia as of this morning. This means two things: the remarkably similar Lexus GX will arrive here first, and the present model will be nearly 15 years old when it’s discarded. The present Prado is a pricey car, by any standard especially when you consider it was launched in 2009 and has a lengthy waiting list.

Assuming that the model will continue to grow longer as the model’s changeover, as well as the massive advancements in suspension, platform steering, powertrain, safety, and multimedia technology The only concern is the amount that prices will rise with this new Prado. Toyota USA has announced a starting price in the mid-$50,000 range for its hybrid model which is equivalent to $A83,500. Therefore, anticipate seeing the brand new Prado be priced well over its current price of $62,830 for the stripped-down GX and will eventually extend into the LandCruiser market (from 94%,301).