2024 Toyota Grand Highlander : What We Know So Far

Toyota is planning to revolutionize the mid-size SUV market by introducing The 2024 Grand Highlander. It will be launched as the most spacious mid-sized SUV that comes with three rows of seating and an impressive list of features that will make life easier for all occupants. This SUV is perfect for families, especially big ones due to its flexibility and comfort. Another significant feature that is unique to the Toyota SUV is the security features that distinguish it from other smaller SUVs on the market.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander
2024 Toyota Grand Highlander

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Review


This is being taken care of with the latest Toyota Safety Sense package 3.0 which is with the. Grand Highlander fuses elegant looks with a sleek appearance. It is, in fact, superior to Toyota Highlander. Toyota Highlander visually. We’re sure it will bring you and your family to be enthralled. But let’s take an in-depth look at the various aspects of this amazing Japanese mid-size SUV.

When you plan to take long-distance trips, it’s crucial to be comfortable while traveling and has enough room for luggage. This 2024 Grand Highlander is the perfect solution to this problem. The cabin is well-organized with storage compartments in the cabin, with ample cargo space as well as enough space for seven suitcases with carry-on luggage in the back of the third row. The overall space is approximately 98 cubic feet when the third and second-row seats are folded down.

However, a car isn’t only meant for the use of passengers. Drivers, well particularly the driver has to feel comfortable and in control of everything. To help with this, the car has a 12.3-inch display as well as other functions. For instance, in the cockpit 2024 Grand Highlander gets wireless chargers and two USB ports as well as three cup holders. A slide-down console cover is available, which allows the cover to be shut and opened when the armrests are being used. This gives the driver as well as the passengers even more flexibility.

In the next row, you will locate USB ports as well as cup holders that have controls for air cooling. It’s the row in the middle that the Toyota stands out most. It’s surprisingly large and comfy, enough to rival the Tesla Model X seating situation. There are cups, smartphone storage, and even individual USB ports. With 13 cup holders as well as 7 USB ports the brand-new Grand Highlander caters to all seven passengers’ needs.


Security is among the biggest advantages of the Toyota SUV. It’s not surprising that we consider it the perfect car for families. The Japanese brand comes with a variety of safety features that come as a standard, designed to safeguard your family members and you and other drivers and pedestrians.

Its 2024 Grand Highlander has a pre-collision system that includes Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist as well as a Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control that works together and Lane Tracing Assist. A new feature is also available within the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0. We’re talking about Proactive Driving Assist. The system provides gentle brakes in curves as well as soft steering to assist with driving activities, such as managing the distance to the nearest obstacle.

The security features mentioned above all were present, but they’ve been greatly improved and now are available as standard. Automobile manufacturers are working hard to improve their security features so that each customer is provided with the highest level of protection. And Toyota is a prime example of this with its latest SUV, a big and mid-sized SUV.


2024’s Grand Highlander boasts a sleek and boxy design on the exterior. It sports a sturdy and confident posture that draws the attention of drivers. The front fascia has an aggressive grille, with sharp lines and stunning LED headlights. They offer an unobstructed perspective of what’s ahead. Turning to the sides The Grand Highlander’s broad silhouette and sleek roofline create the impression of fluidity and motion. The arched wheel design and sculpted lines give an element of sportiness to the overall design.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Specs
2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Specs


Inside the cabin of the Grand Highlander is elegant and functional. High-end material and care for details create an elegant and luxurious feeling. There are also wood trim and leather seats. The dashboard and central configuration of consoles are well-organized and user-friendly. The intuitive controls and the large touchscreen makes it simple to navigate. A panoramic sunroof is also accessible. It lets in plenty of natural light and also enhances the sense of spaciousness in the car. In all of these ways, we’re certain you won’t regret purchasing this car.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Interior
2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Interior

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Release Date & Price

In the end, In conclusion, The Grand Highlander coming out in 2024, will have everything you’d require. We don’t have a lot of details about the price yet however, to purchase the biggest three-row SUV available it is likely that you’ll need to shell out around $45,000. This is an estimate of the price at which you can start. This is not too much to think about reliability and versatility.