2024 Toyota C-HR: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Toyota C-HR 2024 is a compact Crossover SUV that was first unveiled in 2016. This model was launched in Canada and the United States for the 2018 Model Year. Toyota announced that the Toyota C-HR would not be available for the 2023 Model Year. Toyota will reveal the second generation C-HR for the 2024 Model Year on June 26th, 2023.

Several social media sites claim that Toyota will again launch the C-HR second generation in 2024, this time in the United States of America and Canada. The second generation C-HR is expected to have a bold and impressive exterior with a luxurious and spacious interior.

2024 Toyota C-HR Review
2024 Toyota C-HR Review

It also claims that the next generation Toyota CH-R has a Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid version. Social media is flooded with new Toyota C-HR spy pictures. According to these viral photos, the Toyota logo appears to have been removed from Tailgate. The tailgate of the Toyota C-HR will be updated to look amazing.

2024 Toyota C-HR Redesign

Toyota Australia Newsroom confirmed that the second generation Toyota C-HR will be unveiled on 26th June 2023. This new Toyota C-HR will be completely brand-new. Toyota has completely redesigned the C-HR for 2024.

2024 Toyota C-HR Specs
2024 Toyota C-HR Specs


We know that the next Toyota C-HR, for the 2024 Model Year, will be a completely new car with a newly designed interior and features. Toyota hasn’t released any official interior details or images. Toyota will reveal all on the 26th of June. We think Toyota will reveal its interior design on that day. We will update this post when Toyota announces its interior design features for the 2024 Model Year.


The new Toyota C-HR is expected to have a brand-new powertrain. Toyota hasn’t officially announced its powertrains yet. Media reports claim that the second generation Toyota C-HR’s powertrain will be a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The Plug-in Hybrid model will be equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery similar to the one found in the new Toyota Prius Prime. This will give a fully electric range of up to 69 km.

2024 Toyota C-HR Release Date & Price

Toyota has not yet revealed the exact date of the full unveiling of the new Toyota C-HR for the 2024 Model Year. We hope that Toyota will announce the availability date on its unveiling date. Media reports and Automotive experts expect that the vehicle could be ordered by the end of the year in Europe for the Model Year 2024. However, it has not been confirmed when the vehicle will be launched or revealed in the United States and Canada.

2024 Toyota C-HR Concept
2024 Toyota C-HR Concept

Toyota hasn’t officially announced the price and trims of its next-generation Toyota C-HR. According to reports in the media, its expected price for Hybrids could be around $44,000, while its plug-in Hybrids could begin at around $50,000. We will update the article as soon as we can when Toyota announces the exact pricing and trims of its 2024 Model Year.