2024 Peugeot 208: Debut With Stylish Facelift

The Peugeot 208 isn’t exactly an automobile that cried out for an upgrade, however, that doesn’t stop the French automaker from revealing an updated version of the well-known hatch. The improvements go far beyond the aesthetics too and give the new model the potential to be better known than its predecessor. model it replaces.

2024 Peugeot 208 Specs
2024 Peugeot 208 Specs

Peugeot’s designers began work by adjusting the front face that the model 208 has. To accomplish this they’ve created the same design of light that was first seen with the 9X8 Hypercar comprised of three light claws that are vertically long and extend downwards and over glossy white bumpers. The 208 in all variants have these new lights, however, in the GT the lights extend even further into the fully LED headlights that are also updated.

The 208 also features a brand modern LED lighting bar that features “three juxtaposed red claws.” The various versions of the 208 are equipped with black gloss mirrors, while buyers can select between seven colors for the body, including Agueda Yellow, Selenium Grey, Artense Grey, Perla Black, Banquise White, Elixir Red as well as Vertigo Blue. The GT version comes with black wheel arches as well as the option to have a roof in black.

2024 Peugeot 208 New Design

The final update to the visuals is two new 16-inch and 17-inch wheel designs, a new design for the lettering on the side, front, and rear, as well as the interior, has been redesigned with new seat fabric, which includes the black Alcantara and Adamite Green stitching. The upgrades to the interior don’t stop there. A 10-inch gauge cluster is standard with Allure or GT models. A 10-inch infotainment display is now included across the entire range of 208. Its steering wheel has changed with the updated Peugeot logo. Models equipped with a manual transmission that has six speeds have an updated shifter knob.

Peugeot has also fitted the 208 model with the iConnect system, which is standard. The advanced infotainment system iConnect is available as an alternative. Both systems are controlled by the brand new 10-inch display which comes with the ability to wirelessly connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Allure GT and GT models also include three USB-C ports and a faster wireless charger, as well as high-definition rear and front parking cameras.

Engine & Specs

We then move to engines. The most significant one is the all-electric E-208 is equipped with a battery of 51 kWh pack as well as an electric motor rated at the capacity of 156 horsepower. It can provide 400 kilometers (248 miles) of range using the WLTP cycle. It comes with a 7.4 single-phase charger. three-phase charger of 11 kW is available as an alternative. The battery can be charged between 20 and 80 percent in just 25 minutes using a rapid charger.

Those who aren’t looking to commit to an EV can purchase the 208 models in hybrid or ICE versions. Hybrid models have the use of a 48-volt system, which is paired with the PureTech PureTech 100 HP and 136 hp petrol engines. the ICE models are comprised of the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder that has 75 horsepower and the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine with 100 horsepower. PureTech 75 comes with a PureTech 75 has 5-speed manual gearbox whereas PureTech 100 comes with a manual gearbox. PureTech 100 is equipped with the manual 6-speed.


Many safety features are standard on the entire range like automated emergency brake and active warnings of lane deviation blind spot monitoring and a driver alert system.

Exterior & Interior

The exterior of the 208 has been revamped to be to the same level as the new 508 and 2008 models, which have an aggressive tri-fang design for the daytime running lighting signature, and a wider front grille. A rear-facing light bar is upgraded by adding three red “claws’ that span across the whole length that the boot.

Inside the cabin, the 10.0-inch touchscreen that was previously reserved for more expensive trims is now available, though the high-definition display is only available only to Allure or GT models. The Marmite I-Cockpit dashboard remains with a small, peculiarly -shaped steering wheel located just beneath an instrument panel.

2024 Peugeot 208 Interior
2024 Peugeot 208 Interior

An upgraded range of driver assistance features is now available, which is likely to help ensure compliance with the EU’s GSR2 safety standards. These include an adaptive cruise controller, road sign recognition, and lane-keeping. A 360-degree parking camera is available as an additional option.


The base model of the brand new Peugeot 2024 interior infotainment system includes an integrated voice recognition system along with a standard navigation system, phone, six-speaker audio system, as well as an MP3 player. fact CarPlay and Android Auto are included in the standard features list. The higher version is Peugeot 208 Inside 2024 comes with a 10.0-inch LD touchscreen with more resolution. It is supported by satellite navigation by Peugeot and also comes with the option of a high-end subwoofer audio system.

2024 Peugeot 208 Review
2024 Peugeot 208 Review

2024 Peugeot 208 Redesign Variant Model and Price

  • New Peugeot 208 Active Premium PS20,200 to PS22,455 Equivalent to $23,880 to $26,550
  • New Peugeot 208 Allure Premium PS22,450 to PS25,250 Equivalent to $26,540 to $29,850
  • New Peugeot 208 GT PS24,430 to PS27,150 Equivalent to $28,880 up to $32,100
  • New Peugeot 208 GT Premium PS25,750 to PS27,578 Equivalent to $30,440 to $32,610