2024 Mercedes EQS SUV First Look

The Mercedes EQS SUV 2024 will be a carryover, so its exterior will remain the same. You can expect to see new paint and wheel options, which will visually differentiate it from the model that it replaces, as well as some standard equipment differences between the Premium, Exclusive, and Pinnacle grades.

2024 Mercedes EQS
2024 Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQS is not a modified version (GLS SUV with a closed facia) of an ICE car like the Mercedes EQA or Mercedes EQB. The EQS SUV is a new model, designed from scratch. It has dynamic proportions and looks, unlike anything you would expect for a combustion-engine product. The EQS measures 201.9 inches. in length, 77.1 in. 77.1 in. in height. The EQS has the same 126.4-inch wheelbase.

2024 Mercedes EQS SUV Review

The Mercedes EQS has a sleek, sci-fi-style silhouette with low-profile bumpers and a closed-off black upper grille. The EQS SUV has a low ground clearance and a short length. It also has a low height and low roofline. The black panel unit serving as a faux radiator grille features customizable a 3D star pattern as a reference to the original star of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft company. The black panel surface will not only serve as a piece for decor, but will also hide the various sensors required by driver assistance systems (radars, ultrasonics, and cameras).

The A-pillar on the EQS sedan is steeply raked to create a spacious passenger compartment. Design moguls refer to this as a “cab-forward” design. The front and rear overhangs are short, and the rear is smoothly rounded. Mercedes EQS SUV features headlights that feature a DRL with three small triangles beneath a straight line.

The EQS SUV has a C-pillar that is positioned far behind on the side, highlighting the spaciousness of the interior. The highlights include 21-inch wheels with a muscular shoulder area, standard flush door handles, and a muscular shoulder. The location of the wiper fluid service flap, which is integrated into the left fender side, should also be noted.

The EQS SUV’s rear is not upright like that of the GLS. The EQS SUV has a tailgate that is similar to a crossover, with a windscreen that leans forward. Just like the EQS, the detailing on the rear lights takes the form of a curved 3-D helix. The GLS trim is replaced by a thin light band that connects the rear lights. This gives the SUV a sci-fi, sophisticated look.

Headlamps with Digital Lights can project warning or guide symbols on the road. The light modules have three powerful LEDs per module, and a combined resolution greater than 2.6 million pixels. These headlamps are controlled by the navigation system, and they take into account hills when projecting any information onto the road. The light band that runs between the headlamps gives the SUV an almost futuristic look.


The interior of the Mercedes EQS SUV is a world apart from that of the GLS or S-Class. Mercedes-Benz Group replicated the sensational interior of the EQS sedan with SUV-specific features. The interior was well-received in terms of aesthetics, so Mercedes-Benz won’t have to change it with the update for MY2024. The company may adjust the equipment lines to make the features standard or optional.

Mercedes EQS SUV comes with the MBUX hyper screen, a highly digital dashboard option that was first introduced in the EQS. The large, curved Gorilla Glass surfaces stretch nearly the width of the vehicle. Behind them are three displays: driver display, central display, and passenger display. Both the central and passenger displays use OLEDs.

With its full-width (56 inches), curved, 3D glass, and three flush-mounted displays that blend seamlessly, the MBUX Hyperscreen brings a new user experience in-car. From entertainment, connectivity, navigation, massaging, energy management, and more, almost every vehicle feature is available at your fingertips. The 12.3″ OLED passenger screen allows you to watch videos on the move and dims automatically if the driver looks at it. Carmakers are developing different forms of entertainment in the car, focusing both on safety and the future of mobility, which is gradually going to be autonomous.

2024 Mercedes EQS Interior
2024 Mercedes EQS Interior

MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment Plus ensures that chauffeurs stay connected. The two headrests are equipped with two displays measuring 11.6 inches each. Standard on the driver’s and front passenger’s seats is a memory feature. Both are fully electric adjustable. Standard features include a 4-way lumbar, heating, luxury headrest, and ventilation. Optional are multi contour seats with massage functions. Second-row seats can be equipped with an electrically adjustable backrest that folds in a 40-20-40 split, with electric adjustment fore/aft (by 5 inches) and with luxury headrests. The rear seat heating system is optional.

The Mercedes EQS is available as a 5-seater or 7-seater, the latter with individual third-row seating. In the U.S., the second-row seats are equipped with a 5-inch electric adjustment for forward and reverse. The backrests can be adjusted by up to 4 degrees in front and 14 degrees at the back. The luggage compartment is 23 cubic feet in the five-seater version. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 23 cu. By adjusting the rear seat, you can gain an additional 8 cu.

The Mercedes EQS SUV can accommodate up to four golf bags depending on the seating arrangement. The 7-seater version has a trunk space of 71.3 cubic feet. There’s 6.8 cu. Behind the third-row seat, there is a 6.8 cu. Standard Easy Entry allows easy access to the third-row seats by moving forward the backrest beyond the normal adjustment range up to 11.4 inches. Third-row seat heating is an optional feature.

Mercedes EQS SUVs are available with a feature known as Energizing Air Control Plus. This feature uses active carbon and a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) filter to keep the cabin free of pollen, fine particles, and other contaminants. The HEPA filters are located under the aluminum hood. The filter measures 23/16/2 inches and has a volume of nearly three gallons. It reduces pollutants from the outside air and is comparable to the level of cleanliness in a home or operating room. The filter would be certified by OFI CERT ” ZG 250-1 for protection against viruses and bacteria. If the hood needs to be opened, for example, to replace an air filter, it can only be done by a technician from a service station authorized.

Engine & Specs

Mercedes EQS SUVs are available in three different variants, 450+, 450 4MATIC, and 580 4MATIC. No word has been released on whether this will change with the update for MY2024. The carried-over variants or some of them may see a range improvement of up to 5%.

The 450+ RWD is equipped with a single engine that produces 355 hp, and 419 lb. ft. The sprint from 0-60 mph takes 6.5 seconds. The 450 4MATIC uses two motors. One motor drives the front wheels, while the other motor enables AWD. The motors are capable of producing 355 hp, 590 lb. ft., and allow the EQS SUV a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 5.8 sec. The 580 4MATIC uses the same motors, but they are more powerful and produce 536 hp. They also generate 633 lb. ft. All three models have the same maximum speed of 130 mph.

The EQS SUV is powered by a 108.4 kWh battery pack (net), consisting of up to 12 modules of pouches or hardcase cell modules. The cell chemistry has been optimized for sustainability. Mercedes-Benz claims that the ratio of nickel, manganese, and cobalt in the cells of the EQS SUV batteries is 8:1:1. Cobalt is only 10% in these cells.

The Mercedes EQS SUV 2024 may have an EPA-est. The 450+ and 450/4MATIC models have a range of approximately 330 miles, while the 580/4MATIC and 450+ 4MATIC versions can travel up to 300 miles. Mercedes EQS SUVs feature rear-axle steerage in two versions: 4.5deg or 10deg. In the U.S. the rear-axle steer with a 10deg steering angle is standard. It can reduce the turn circle from 39 feet to 36 feet.

Charging Capability

Mercedes EQS SUVs sold in the USA can be charged with a maximum of 9.6 kW AC via an onboard charger, and up to 200 kW DC via fast charging stations. The US-spec Mercedes EQS SUVs will have a Combined Charging System (CCS) that allows AC and DC chargers to be plugged in via the same connector.

2024 Mercedes EQS Specs
2024 Mercedes EQS Specs

Mercedes EQS customers in the U.S. can benefit from Plug & Charge at many charging stations. To charge their electric SUV, customers simply need to open the flap and plug the charger in. The charging station will automatically recognize the connected vehicle and supply will begin without any further interaction. The payment will be debited automatically if the preferred payment method is saved in the app ‘Mercedes Me Charge. The Plug & Charge functionality is available on all Electrify America DC Fast Chargers. It works according to the ISO 15118 standard. Mercedes EQ owners can take advantage of ChargePoint’s extensive network of 60,000 charging stations in the U.S.

Customers of the 2024 EQS SUV in the U.S. can use the Electrify-America DC Fast Charging system for two free years. Mercedes Me Charge customers can get free unlimited 30-minute sessions after activation.

Autonomous Driving

Mercedes-Benz has become the first automaker in the world to receive international system approval for an SAE Level 3 autonomous vehicle driving system. Drive Pilot will be available in Nevada and California in the second half of 2023 with the 2024 S Class and 2024 E-Class. Drive Pilot will be available on the 2024 EQS, an SUV. In the future, Drive Pilot may be available in more states.

Drive Pilot collects data from the vehicle’s LiDAR, radar, ultrasonic sensors, camera, and moisture sensors. A digital HD map provides a 3D view of the road, and the surrounding area, with information on road geometry, route characteristics, and traffic signs. Maintenance works or accidents. The vehicle can perform certain driving tasks on its own, but still requires a driver. The driver must remain alert and ready to take control at all times.

When Drive Pilot is activated, the system of conditionally automated driving regulates the speed and distance. It also keeps the vehicle in its lane. It can make evasive moves and brake if necessary in unexpected traffic situations, and it can handle the vehicle on its own. It can work at speeds up to 40 mph.


The Mercedes EQS SUV 2024 is expected to be one of the safest luxury electric SUVs on the market. The bespoke electric SUV will probably come with several active and passive safety technologies, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Window airbags are standard.
  • Driver’s knee airbag
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Active Distance Assist (standard)
  • Active Steering Assist
  • Active Brake Assistant with Cross-traffic Function
  • The Active Blind Spot Detection and Exit Warning Function
  • Parking Package with Surround-View Camera (Standard)
  • Acoustic presence indicator (standard).

2024 Mercedes EQS SUV Price & Release Date

Tuscaloosa is the U.S. plant that produces the Mercedes EQS SUV and Mercedes EQE SUV. It’s not surprising that Mercedes-Benz Group decided to produce its larger electric SUVs at the Tuscaloosa plant, given the demand for SUVs across the United States. The American factory, located in Alabama, produces the GLE Coupe and full-size GLS.

The EQS SUV is powered by batteries produced at a factory in Bibb County, only 7 miles from the Tuscaloosa facility. Dura Automotive Systems, a 200,000-sq.-ft. facility in Muscle Shoals in Colbert County, Alabama, supplies battery enclosures for Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles made in Tuscaloosa. Prices for the 2024 Mercedes EQS SUV could start around USD 107,000.