2024 Mercedes EQB Reviews, Pricing & Specs

Although the Mercedes EQB is not even two years old yet, Mercedes-Benz has begun preparations for its facelift. The new electric SUV will be available in the United States for the next model year.

2024 Mercedes EQB Specs
2024 Mercedes EQB Specs

According to spy media, the 2024 Mercedes EQB will feature minor design changes. This is common for facelifted Mercs. The black panel grille will be flush-fitted with the headlamps along its flanks and without protruding lines. Although there may be some tweaks to the clusters of headlamps, the test mules have not shown any or hinted at them. The upcoming EQB should include new bumpers and wheels. We have embedded the spy video below which shows that the rear combination lamp will feature new graphics.

2024 Mercedes EQB Review


Although the interior design of the 2024 Mercedes EQB won’t be drastically altered, it will still be distinctive from the current model. According to a JESMB report dated 4/02/2023, the upcoming e-SUV will have a new steering wheel and fingerprint recognition technology.

The new EQB was testing the company’s new-generation steering wheels, which were introduced in the 2020 facelifted E-Class. Interior spy photos that were released in March 2023 showed the new EQB. To confirm that the driver is using assistance systems, the new wheel does not require any steering movements. The rim has sensors that detect capacitive motions to check if the driver is in control of the wheel.

2024 Mercedes EQB Redesign
2024 Mercedes EQB Redesign

The 2024 EQB will feature the most recent generation of MBUX (7NTG7). It will also have new display styles, Classic, Sporty, and Discreet. The upcoming update will bring EQB’s telematics system to a new design and improve its performance. Customers will enjoy greater convenience with the EQB thanks to the wireless functionality of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, an additional USB port, higher USB charging power, and illumination at all USB ports. The MBUX’s latest generation won’t include a touchpad controller.

Customers will be able to play mini-games with the 2024 EQB’s new telematics system. They can use their touchscreens or the buttons on the steering wheel to control the system. This feature could come in handy while you wait to get someone picked up or at a charging station. The Burmester surround sound system with Dolby Atmos would also be a great improvement to the entertainment experience. The Lane Keeping Assist control will be easier.


The specifications for the 2024 Mercedes EQB are still unknown. The current model is currently available in the U.S. with 66.5kWh and 70.5kWh battery options, and 188 HP/284 lb. ft. single motor, 225 Hp/288 dual-motor, or 288 HP/384 lb. ft. dual–motor powertrain choices.

The EPA-est. The EPA-est. Mercedes-Benz may opt to use the 70.5 kWh battery in the 350 4MATIC or 300 4MATIC variants, instead of the 66.5kWh battery pack. The range and charging times might be slightly longer. The current SUV takes 7.75 hours to charge the 66.5 kWh battery pack using an AC charger (9.6 kW). The same battery pack can be charged quickly using a DC charger (at 100kW), which takes 32 minutes.

U.S. Testing

The 2024 Mercedes EQB has already been shipped to the USA for testing before the launch. KindelAuto’s spy video (via Youtube), shows a U.S.-spec test mule (identified by the orange tint to the headlamp cluster), on Californian streets. Although camouflage at its rear hides the changes we can see that there are subtle differences in the graphics. A new faux upper grille could also be hidden behind camouflage that covers most of the front fascia.

2024 Mercedes EQB
2024 Mercedes EQB

2024 Mercedes EQB Release Date & Price

Given that the prototypes of the Mercedes electric SUV have been seen here, is it possible that the new model will be available at U.S. dealers later in the year as part of the 2024 model-year series? Prices will start at USD 55,000. Although the Mercedes EQB may not be the best EV because of its range, it is the only seven-seater on the market. The three-row electric SUV with three rows should be more appealing to large families with children, thanks to its improved range and charging capabilities, better electronics, and stylish tweaks.