2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Delivers Supercar-Level Performance

The new 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE is here. It has a confusing name, a range of up to 590 km (369 miles), all-wheel or rear-drive, and outputs ranging from 288HP (215 kW), to 402HP (302 kW). Mercedes is known to have a tendency to out-niching niches in the past. This could be the reason why you are confused about the EQE’s position. It’s the practical version of the EQE Sedan. It’s the electric version of the E-Class. You get it.

Hopefully. Mercedes-AMG EQE, the first-ever electric performance SUV from the three-pointed stars, will be launched alongside the regular model. The AMG version of an EV SUV boosts power to 505 kW (687) and includes standard all-wheel-drive, AMG air suspension, rear axle steering, and a tuned chassis.

2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Review
2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Review

First, yes, the naming scheme is confusing. While you might be able to identify a GLE in the other parts of Mercedes’ (soon-to-be-neglected) ICE stable as an SUV-fied E-Class, this thought has not been conceived by the folks at Merc. You can buy an EQB or EQC. These are both electric versions of GLBs and GLCs. Once you reach the E-Class EV segment, the EQE has been divided into two models: EQE Sedan & EQE Sport Utility Vehicle. We can imagine that consumers who are unfamiliar with EVs will be confused by the name.

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Redesign

This is the fourth model from Mercedes’ dedicated new EV Platform (the other models being the EQS sedan, EQS SUV, and EQE sedan) and it’s not just a combustion platform with an EV powertrain stuffed inside. As the name suggests, the EQE is a taller, more practical version of the EQE sedan.

On paper, the dimensions of the EQE SUV are not as impressive as they appear. The EQE Sedan has a wheelbase that is 90 mm (3 inches) shorter. The exterior dimensions of the SUV are similar, except for its height. The EQE SUV is 4863 mm (191 inches) long, 1940 mm 76 inches wide and 1686 mm 66 inches tall. It’s 132 mm (5 inches) shorter and 11 mm (0.4 inches) thinner than a Sedan.

Mercedes claims that the shorter wheelbase gives the car a more agile feel, which is quite an accomplishment for a car weighing in at around 2600 kg (5732). The interior space is what sells SUV bodyshells, right? On paper, this is not the case. The EQC offers a boot volume of 520 liters with the seats raised.

This is roughly the same size as the EQC, which doesn’t use Merc’s new scalable EV platform. It’s also a lot less than the GLE combustion-powered SUV, which offers 110 liters of extra boot space with the seats down (compared to the EQE SUV’s 520 liters) and 380 liters with the seats raised (2,055 liters vs. 1,675 liters). It’s still more than the EQE Sedan, with 430 liters. This is a small victory.


The technology available is where the EQE scores point. The EQE SUV, like its smaller sedan sibling, comes with Mercedes’ hyper screen. Dolby audio with Atmos and an air filter system equipped with HEPA filters are also included. OTA updates will be included in the package. Customers can also “unlock” or update certain features using the same system. Once regulatory approval has been granted, certain features can be activated, including the Intelligent Park Pilot. This feature allows the vehicle to act as its valet and park itself.

The navigation system can also map your route so that you can take full advantage of any charging stations along the way. Driver-assist technology is available, but Eco Assist adjusts the regenerative brake strength automatically according to traffic conditions, allowing for seamless one-pedal operation.

2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Interior
2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Interior

Mercedes’ Digital Light technology is available, which projects auxiliary markings and warning symbols on the road in front of you. The “serene wind” “sound-scape,” which is said to have a relaxing sound that’s “close to nature”, can also be downloaded. Mercedes describes the sound as a “sonic and extroverted” one that is meant for ICE-generation cars.

The 4Matic versions of the EQE can increase range by decoupling the front motor during low loads. This allows the vehicle to be rear-wheel driven and conserve battery power. The rear-wheel steering option, in combination with the four-link front suspension and the multi-link rear suspension, makes the car agile, like much smaller, lighter machines.


Five different versions of the EQE SUV are available. The non-AMG side has the rear-wheel-drive EQE350+, the all-wheel-drive EQE3504Matic, and the EQE5004Matic. AMG will also offer the EQE 43, and EQE53. You can find out more about them here. The same 90.6 kWh batteries are used in all models.

The EQE Sedan is the model that sets the standard for the rest of the lineup. Output figures are also the same. The 350+, the entry-level model, offers the longest range. A single electric motor is mounted on the rear axle and contributes to a WLTP range between 480-590 kilometers (300-369miles). You get 215 kW and 565 Nm of torque. The EQE 350 4Matic has the same output, but a torque increase of 765 Nm (564 lb.-ft) is achieved by adding a second front-wheel motor. The range is reduced to 459-558km (287-349 miles) according to the WLTP.

2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Specs
2024 Mercedes EQE SUV Specs

The EQE500 4Matic is the most powerful non-AMG. The EQE 500 4Matic is also an all-wheel-drive, and the output jumps to 300 kW (or 396 hp). Torque is a healthy 858 Nm. The WLTP rating for the 350 4Matic is 460-547km (288-342 miles), which is a significant improvement over the previous model. The EQE SUV’s maximum charging power is 170 kW. This is far less than the Porsche Taycan, which has a DC max of 380 kW. Mercedes claims that the EQE will have a maximum range of 220 km (138 mi) after only 15 minutes of DC Charging. The brand will also guarantee the battery packs for ten years or 250.000 km, with an unspecified residual capacity.

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Price & Release Date

The price of the new EQE SUV is expected to be revealed closer to its launch. The cars will be produced at Mercedes-Benz Tuscaloosa in Alabama, USA, from December. The Tuscaloosa factory is also responsible for other EQ models such as the larger EQS.

It is possible that because batteries are produced in Bibb County, which is also close by, the car was eligible for the tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act 2022. With an $80,000 price cap for EVs, it is still up in the air whether or not the EQE SUV will benefit. What do you think about the new EQE? What do you think? Does it appeal to you, or will it be another EV flop? Comment below to let us know.