Rumor of 2024 Mazda RX7 Getting Back Is Big Now

There have been rendering images of the 2024 Mazda RX7 as the rumor about its coming back is becoming apparent daily. Everyone has been expectant since the RX Vision concept was introduced back then in 2015. It’s just too bad that the true commercial version hasn’t ever been produced – until now. It’s pretty understandable if people are excited about the possibility of RX7 coming to production, although it’s still a rumor.

2024 Mazda RX7 Changes
2024 Mazda RX7 Changes

About the Unique RX7

The Mazda RX7 has been known as a rear-wheel driving vehicle with a rotary engine. The three-generation vehicle gained super popularity from 1978 up to 2022. The coupe with a 2+2 seater layout has gained its popularity, even after 20 years of production being stopped. Even the rumor of its comeback makes people excited and want more.

Exterior Design

You have to admit that the 2024 Mazda RX7 has impeccable design and amazing style, but the sides and front areas are the parts where the vehicle excels the best. The upcoming design seems to have horizontal LED headlights in much lower placement than the current model. For an extra punch, the headlights look similar to the headlight sets from the 80s.

2024 Mazda RX7 Specs
2024 Mazda RX7 Specs

To bring back the memory of the original RX7, the symbol is placed right above the grille, enhancing the visual appeal of the grille. In the overall sense, the entire style is modern, even with a tad bit of classic retro elements and the fact that the taillights go from the rear side to the tailgate. A lot of people are hopeful that the future 2024 Mazda RX7 won’t only accommodate people,  but also cargo and luggage.

The Interior Cabin

Changes would be inevitable, with completely new technologies and features. The infotainment display would be meant to add comfort and functionality, and other features are meant to improve accessibility and usage. Safety driving techs should also be expected, including blind-spot monitors, lane departure warnings, auto emergency braking, and others. The detailed specifics would be revealed soon – or after the company has finally decided that they are going to bring back the RX7.

Powertrain and Performance

It’s possible that the 2024 model would still incorporate the same engine as the current model. In theory, the vehicle would be running on a rotary engine, but there would be something new to the mixture. The new RX7 may be packed like the RX8 model, but many people disagree. The problem with RX8 is that it is running on a 1.3-liter unit that churns 232 hp. For today’s condition, it would be not enough. There is no way that such a unit would be able to power the model.

That’s why the upcoming model may use the mild hybrid unit with e-Skyactiv G 2.0 liter capacity and also auto transmission. This powertrain has a 24V li-ion battery with a 5.1 kWh assist motor. Up until now, there is no information about fuel efficiency or the overall output.

2024 Mazda RX7 Price
2024 Mazda RX7 Price

Price and Release Date

Mazda hasn’t said a word concerning the rumored return of Mazda 2024. The company hasn’t made any official release about the vehicle. However, it should be interesting to learn that there have been numerous speculations and claims stating that the vehicle is in the production stage. Let’s not forget that Mazda has plans to revive the fantastic rotary engine for the upcoming 2024. It would be fun to have this sports ride back to the game. Considering that there is no information about the release date or price, we only need to wait for the company to provide further updates about their 2024 Mazda RX7.