2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Revealed

You know that when you have produced the same model for over a decade, there will be high expectations of its successor. Mahindra engineers took great care with the new Scorpio generation, which was released last year. The new SUV retained the original design even though there were many improvements and changes. We can assume that there won’t be any major changes in the next couple of years, so we’re confident that the Mahindra Scorpio N 2024 will keep the same design. There’s always room for small tweaks and new features, though.

2024 Mahindra Scorpio N
2024 Mahindra Scorpio N

We are going to see the same design which has a lot of good things. This SUV is built on a body-on-frame chassis that offers strong performance off-road. It is also very refined and comfortable to drive, and the cabin has a lot of luxury and standard equipment. There are also three refined and efficient powertrains. We can therefore assume that the Mahindra Scorpio N 2024 will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

2024 Mahindra Scorpio N New Design

It’s too early to make major changes, but it will be the third year of production for the new generation. It will be years before we see a mid-cycle update, but there are still smaller updates that can be made, such as new colors and other things. The styling will also remain the same. It offers a nice balance between contemporary aesthetics and a bold appearance. It is more appealing than ever before, and the wheelbase was increased from 108.3 to 108.4 inches.

2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Review
2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Review

The new model, in terms of mechanics, is still a body-on-frame SUV that offers excellent off-road capability. You can also get the four-wheel drive version with off-road features such as a locking diff and transfer case. The new suspension is more refined and provides a more comfortable and smooth ride.


The cabin design was improved in a significant way. We have no doubts that the Mahindra Scorpio N 2024 will maintain the new design and all its benefits. The interior of the new model is very appealing, thanks to its elegant dashboard design and fine materials, as well as the many available features and tech standards.

The new generation also features a larger wheelbase which means more interior space. The interior space is larger than ever before, especially if you choose the third row, which transforms this off-roader into a people hauler.


The 2024 Mahindra Scorpio N will continue to offer three familiar powertrains. The least powerful but most efficient engine is the 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which has 132 horsepower and a torque of 300 Nm. We think that it’s got enough power to propel this SUV with confidence. The same engine can be had in a version with 173 horsepower, and 400 Nm.

2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Specs
2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Specs

There is also a petrol 2.0-liter turbo four with 202 horsepower and 375 Nm max torque. Both the diesel engine and this turbo-four are available with either a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. The base turbodiesel, on the other hand, is only available with a manual 6-speed transmission.

2024 Mahindra Scorpio N Release Date

We assume that 2024 Mahindra Scorpio N is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of this year since there aren’t any significant changes.