2024 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Gets a Range of Upgrades

We love the Lexus LC 500, which is our favorite car in the automotive market. The LC 500’s style and performance are unbeatable for its price. The car isn’t perfect, however. Lexus has fixed a major issue in the LC 500 for the 2024 model year and added a special trim. Since the beginning of the last few years, Lexus has been gradually removing the infotainment trackpad from its cars. The LC 500 will get the same treatment in the latter part of the year. It is located in the middle console, next to the shifter on the current model. Its main function is to control the infotainment display. It’s difficult to use, especially when driving, as you can see.

2024 Lexus LC 500 Changes
2024 Lexus LC 500 Changes

2024 Lexus LC 500 New Design

Although we didn’t mind the inconvenience when we first drove the Lexus LC 500 2021, it was a bother. We have had the opportunity to test drive many of the new Lexus models and we can confirm that the touchscreen infotainment system works much better. Lexus also phased out its trackpad in the LC 500 and increased the size of its infotainment screen from 10 to 12.3 inches. To make the most of its touchscreen capabilities, the screen will be placed 3.4 inches closer to front seat occupants. Lexus also upgraded the LC 500’s infotainment to support 100 commands. These commands can be prompted simply by saying “Hey Lexus!”

The Drive points out that Lexus did more than just swap out the infotainment screens. The new center console switches are placed longitudinally, the aluminum volume knob has been replaced, and Apple CarPlay (and not Android Auto) is now wireless. Lexus also updated the Safety System + on the LC 500 in addition to the new infotainment systems. The system can detect pedestrians and bikes and adjust the brakes accordingly. The system can also steer the car to maintain between lines and slow down when there is a speed limit.

Lexus also upgraded the suspension components of the LC 500, including better shocks and springs as well as underbody braces. The “Ultimate Edition” is one of the most distinctive updates. It features a Hakugin White paint job with a matte finish inspired by Japanese porcelain. Special editions also get integrated bumper canards and a Kachi-Blue interior that is said to be inspired by samurai armor.

The main news is inside. Lexus has replaced the trackpad with its new-generation infotainment system. It’s better than Lexus’ previous Remote Touch Interface, which was a strange mouse, but it can still be difficult to use the trackpad. The 2024 car’s upper dashboard has been slightly redesigned to allow for a 12.3-inch touchscreen measuring 86mm. (That’s just a coincidence, right?) The old infotainment screen was closer to the driver.

This means that the sleek appearance of everything under one glass pane is gone. There will no longer be an analog clock or a fancy dashboard design for the front passenger. It also means that you won’t accidentally change the navigation route guidance to the place you were just before when you turn the volume knob.

2024 Lexus LC 500 Interior
2024 Lexus LC 500 Interior

The trackpad was removed, so Lexus had the task of redesigning the center console insert. It looks great. While the controls for volume, seeking, and tuning of the sound system are still available, everything else is simplified. The trackpad is gone, but the hard key for heating seats has been replaced by a huge key. This is now fixed. You might also notice that there is no CD slot on the console. This may seem like a disappointment to audiophiles until you discover that Lexus has replaced a few speakers to improve the playback of high-resolution audio.

Some exterior changes have been made by Lexus to match the new cockpit. However, they aren’t major. The new RX’s new color, Sonic Copper, and the Lexus classic Ultrasonic Blue Mica have been added to the color palette. To reduce wind noise, three new wheel designs have been introduced: a 20-inch gloss black design, a 21-inch design with what Lexus calls “3D machined finishes”, and a 21″ two-tone hyper chrome and black design. These wheels were forged to reduce weight and strength. I’d love to see more photos from Lexus. Lexus has made some exterior and interior changes to the LC 500. This is a lengthy list so I’ll let the designers of this grand tourer go through it.


There have been changes to the suspension’s shock absorber tuning, coil springs, rear suspension member, and stabilizer spring rates. Also, there were under-body braces and steering column fastening. The Axle hub bearing and wheel fastening were also changed. Revisions to the front engine mounts were also made. The time between vehicle body movement and powertrain movement was reduced.

That’s a lot of information. Lexus has added a new “Expert mode” stability control function for V8 models, a remapped gearbox, and a recalibrated brakes-by-wire to make its flagship even sharper. Lexus’ current car is comfortable, but there are still a few steps to go. Let’s hope for a more refined setup that blends in with the road. For some unspecified reason, the hybrid can be equipped with higher-capacity lithium-ion batteries for even more power.

A new edition is a must for any update. The Ultimate Edition is available in Europe. It’s a little like the LC 500 F-Sport. The Ultimate Edition includes a matte white exterior paint, black trim, and a navy interior. If it’s a coupe or convertible, there are also integrated canards in the front and a functional carbon fiber spoiler. There are also some modifications to the engine and rear differential. Although Lexus has not yet stated how many they will make, I don’t think the Ultimate Edition will last more than one year.

Safety Features

These are key safety features:

  • Automatic emergency braking and standard front collision warning
  • Blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control;
  • Line maintenance assistance and alerts for line departures are available.

2024 Lexus LC 500 Price & Release Date

Although Lexus has not yet revealed the U.S-spec 2024 LC500, we do have a rough estimate of a timetable. Lexus of Europe claims the 2024 LC 500 will be in production by May. This means that we should soon hear more about the American model. The LC 500 is already a great car at any price. But the 2024 updates promise it to be even better.

2024 Lexus LC 500 Review
2024 Lexus LC 500 Review

We expect to see the 2024 LC 500 in dealerships this year, even though Lexus hasn’t yet announced a debut date. The Ultimate Edition will be produced in September 2023 for European markets. It will most likely arrive on American shores next year. Lexus LC starts at $93,450 The hybrid-powered LC 500h starts at $99,450 and the popular LC 500 Convertible at $101,500. The LC is more costly than the Chevrolet Corvette but more affordable than that of the Audi R8. It is also comparable in price to the BMW 8 Series and Jaguar F-Type and the entry-level Porsche 911.