2024 Lexus ES350 : What We Have To Know

The Lexus ES series sedan is one of Lexus’ most loved models. It has elegant and luxurious visuals. The Lexus ES car will immediately grab your attention. Four-door sedans are more comfortable due to the large cabin space and high quality. The Toyota Avalon and other cars in its class are less expensive than this sedan, but it is larger for the same money. The Lexus ES 350 2024 is the ideal sedan size.

2024 Lexus ES350
2024 Lexus ES350

2024 Lexus ES350 Review

Not much has changed for Lexus ES 350 2024. You can see the changes in technology and some features of this car. The latest version of Lexus’ interface multimedia system is used in the ES 350 2024. The interior updates can be viewed on different trim options.

The ES 350 is available in five trims from Lexus. They are F Sport, Luxury, and F Sport Handling. Apart from the differences in certain features, prices are also different between the trims. The base trim is the cheapest, while the highest-end trims are the most luxurious.


This luxurious Sedan is very focused on style. The Lexus ES 350 2024 visuals will make you feel luxurious and premium. Lexus added five-spoke wheels and 17-inch alloy wheels to the ES 350. The front and rear are sporty with the F Sport trim. There are four doors and a maximum capacity of 5 people. This trunk volume measures 13.9 cubic feet.


The new multimedia system will include a redesigned central console. The rich cream interior is being replaced by the new Macadamia color. New cup holders and sunglasses have been added to the center console. Wireless charging has also been added. You can get a Lexus interface unit that measures 8.0 inches or 12.3 inches in ES 2024. This car has a panoramic roof and an electric trunk. It adds a premium feel.

2024 Lexus ES350 Review
2024 Lexus ES350 Review

Heating and ventilation are provided for the front of the seat. The passenger seat can also be adjusted electrically in 8 directions. The driver’s seat can also be adjusted electronically in two directions, with lumbar support. Heating is also available for the front seats, and for the Lexus driver’s seat with the Lexus driver memory.


The Lexus ES 350 engine model 2024 uses a 3.5-liter V-6 and an eight-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel driving. It can produce 302 hp, and 267 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the ES 250, which uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an 8-speed transmission and an all-wheel drive to produce 203 horsepower, this ES is not like other ES. The ES 300 also uses four cylinders and an electric motor, as well as a continuously variable auto that can make 215 hp.


Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 Standard is a safety feature Lexus offers for the ES model. It is not the most recent type, but it still offers the best features for its driver. The Lexus ES 350 2024 features many new features. These include improved safety features and the Lexus interface multimedia software. The system displays touch screens at a higher resolution and has anti-glare technology. The standard features of Android Auto Wireless and Apple CarPlay are now available.

Cloud-based navigation is available with live traffic, weather, and parking updates. You can also sync maps and routes with the Lexus Connected App. The 2024 Lexus ES also includes additional features like SOS emergency calls, theft car tracking, and automatic collision notification functions.

The app allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car, as well as honk the Horn. The app can also be used to view information about the car, such as the odometer and location, tire pressure, fuel level, tire pressure, and details of your trip. Remotely view and check whether the doors, windows, or hood are open. Lexus also offers the latest multimedia system and touchscreen functionality. Lexus also provides advanced voice assistants to make voice control easier. During the drive, you can enjoy the Mark Levinson 10-speaker audio system.

2024 Lexus ES350 Release Date
2024 Lexus ES350 Release Date

2024 Lexus ES350 Price & Release Date

Let’s first say that Lexus has not yet released a release date, but it is unclear when it will be available for order in the 2024 model year. Lexus recently launched the Lexus NX model year 2023. We expect that the new Lexus ES will be available for order in the near future for the model year 2024. We expect the car to be in stock by Summer 2024, dear friends. We haven’t yet updated this article with the release date, but we will once it becomes available. The Lexus ES 350 2024 is priced at approximately $50,550.