2024 Ineos Quartermaster Pickup Truck Revealed

The world is more and more interested in four-wheel drive vehicles, and manufacturers are making more off-road vehicles than they have ever. But, these off-road vehicles in many instances, do not adhere to the conventional way. The Ineos Grenadier will offer the market an old-fashioned and tough off-roader built for work and adventure. It’s not a family-oriented SUV that comes with an off-road option. The Ineos is a real thing and it’s great news.

2024 Ineos Quartermaster Changes
2024 Ineos Quartermaster Changes

The standard wagon version of the car is available for a long time. However, the company doesn’t plan to stop at one version. A pickup model called the Quartermaster was recently released and here’s all you must be aware of.

2024 Ineos Quartermaster Review

Before we get deep into Quartermaster we should take a look at how Ineos were born. The Ineos’ existence could most likely be attributed to the demise of the original Defender. Sir Jim Ratcliffe was a big admirer of the car and after Land Rover decided to cancel the model, he attempted to negotiate a deal that would allow him to continue creating the vehicle. Land Rover didn’t agree; consequently, The Ineos Grenadier was born. In essence, it is possible to argue it is it is Ineos is the most appropriate new Defender with a similar design and a similar undercarriage, and a remarkably utilitarian but contemporary interior.

The first thing to consider is the new pickup truck’s capabilities. It has a double-cab that comes with ladder frames that are 12.0 inches larger than the Grenadier SUV. It will be available in three models:

  • Base
  • Trailmaster
  • Fieldmaster

The Quartermaster comes with a bed that is five feet long that can support the weight of 1,675 pounds. The towing capacity is 7,700 pounds. With that kind of towing capacity, it’s possible to conclude that the Ineos are well-equipped for the job and to take your family members on great adventures. It is an incarnation of The Defender and provides some distinct features about the bed. First of all, as was the case with Defender 110, the bed of the Ineos could be adorned with a soft-top cover, giving the truck a stunning design.

2024 Ineos Quartermaster Concept
2024 Ineos Quartermaster Concept

If you’d prefer something sturdy, you can purchase a roll tonneau cover. A minor issue with this is the tire that is spared from being positioned within the bed, thereby this reduces the space available. However, there is a second slot for an extra tire on the opposite part of the cargo area that allows owners to install 2 spare tires. Why would someone need two spare tires? To go on adventures in remote locations Of course.


Ineos engineers didn’t joke about the latest Grenadier. It’s an authentic adventure vehicle and the Quartermaster isn’t any different. Let’s start with the fundamental underpinnings used in every one of the Ineos vehicles. It is a classic body-on-frame car, meaning that the chassis, as well as the structure of the car, are separated. This design is well-known for its longevity and maintenance-free nature. It is used by the majority of off-roaders and trucks available in the market.

But where the Ineos are different is their suspensions and axles. The reason is that while the majority of off-roaders are equipped with an axle with a solid rear and a front suspension that is independent However, the Ineos utilizes solid axles for both forward and back. It’s a sign that it’s stronger than other models, and more adept off-road. What is the reason? The answer is that a solid axle is an unsupported beam that supports both wheels.

Suspension parts are mounted onto that solid beam, and the entire assembly is moved by the surface. This makes it extremely durable however it also gives more wheel movement due to the pivoting motion that a solid axle can provide. Two-speed transfer cases with a center-locking lateral differential are typical, and electronic rear and front differentials are readily available.

However independent suspension is built on the normal road car designs and is mostly used to enhance road safety. But, the design results in it passing through ball joints and bushings faster, but it’s not as robust, it isn’t able to be changed in the same way, and it isn’t as effective because of the small control arms that aren’t able to give enough wheel movement. As you can observe Ineos has a lot to offer. Ineos is a fantastic platform that one can create, and building upon it is the way that the company is going.


The Quartermaster has a wide range of thrilling accessories and equipment that makes it a fantastic adventure vehicle. First, as an optional option, buyers can get diff lockers in the front and rear along with an all-terrain set of BF Goodrich tires. This will equip the Quartermaster with the off-road capability it requires to conquer any terrain. From then on you can add accessories to your heart’s desire.

If you choose to install a roof rack, it is possible to add mounts from the factory that permit the installation of high lift Jacks Rotopax as well as spare tires and tools, jerry cans and traction boards, bikes and skis, Snowboards, and many more. If that wasn’t enough, you can purchase an awning that is factory-equipped and an air intake raised. In addition, if you pay attention you’ll see the front bumper made of steel. In addition to the bumper, you may get a factory-installed winch in case you imprison the Ineos.


Like the wagon version, the pickup also comes with two engines. Both of them are from BMW which are both 3.0-liter six-cylinder models. There is a difference in that one is powered by gas and the other one is powered by diesel. Gas engines are the famous B58 that in this case has 281 HP and 330 pounds-feet of torque. The diesel engine produces 406 horsepower and 246 horsepower. pounds-feet of torque. It is important to note that both engines are connected to a ZF eight-speed automated transmission.

The BMW six-cylinder engine is a fantastic model, with the B58 proven to be an extremely reliable engine that can also handle massive power improvements with a minimum of effort. Both engines are a perfect match for the Ineos and will complement its off-road capability and rugged design well.


Certainly, there isn’t a single pickup with a style as stunning as the Quartermaster. Drawing inspiration from the first Defender it is a vehicle that appears amazing no matter the location you are. It’s not just the case for the exterior. Inside there’s an upright dashboard, with huge switches, and even roof-mounted controls for off-road vehicles. This is an exceptional location to be. It is a sign that the car is unique by bucking the norm and standing out. It’s in a good way, of course.

2024 Ineos Quartermaster Specs
2024 Ineos Quartermaster Specs

2024 Ineos Quartermaster Release Date & Price

Unfortunately, the official price pricing in the U.S. hasn’t been released at this time. In the UK the base version of the Quartermaster costs the sum of 66,215 pounds (~$74,402.48) and can be found in account models such as those of Jeep Gladiator. Yes, it’s expensive but its performance and distinctiveness are worth every penny!