2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV: Everything You Need To Know

Honda has wrapped up its debut U.S.-bound electric vehicle which is the long-awaited Prologue. The first sales are expected to start in 2024. The compact EV with a crossover design is a more expansive attempt at electrification than its previous Clarity Electric or the diminutive European- and only Japanese-market Honda Supermini. It’ll also be different from the other vehicles in terms of where it’s constructed and the vehicles it shares technology with.

2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Changes
2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Changes

As of Thursday, only brief sketches of what we could look forward to in the hybrid SUV Honda has developed together with General Motors. We now have a closer inside look as well as details on the size of the vehicle and position on the Honda lineup.

2024 Honda Prologue Electric Concept

Honda describes its style as “neo-rugged” with a panoramic roof, 21-inch wheels all-wheel drive, and a brand new front EV style that’s distinctively Honda. It’ll be located ahead of the CRV (with the latest hybrid version of the CR-V coming out in April) and will be a close match to the Passport in terms of size. At 192 inches in length in total, it’s halfway to the Passport as well as the 3-row Pilot in terms of size.

The length is largely from the long 121.8-inch wheelbase that is 8 inches larger than the 2023 CR-V and the Prologue is also about 5 inches larger than the 2023 CR-V which measures 73.5 inches from side to side. It’ll be 64.7 inches in height. The wheelbase that is stretched and what Honda calls a “generous interior” and “ample space” in the back will meet its passenger’s 39.6 inches of legroom in the back and 41.2 cubic feet of cargo space between the seats behind.

EV-Influenced Tech and Design

Initial renderings suggested blue-hued Prologue images of the white model showing the special launch color “North Shore Pearl”–a pearly white that is inspired by the California scenery surrounding Lake Tahoe. The interior of the five seats will be a light gray and charcoal shade. Unusually, a unique Honda font is affixed to the black glossy panel that runs between the taillights, instead of the traditional “H” logo.

2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Interior
2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Interior

On the front are two screens one of which is a driver’s panel measuring 11 inches as well as an 11.3-inch information screen. Although we’re not satisfied with the increase in the number of screens and the absence of physical controls in a lot of new EVs however, the design isn’t too different from the current Honda user experience designs.

Instead of the standard Honda “H” logo on the back of the case, the full name will for the first time it will be written in a distinct title case design. Outside of some exterior and interior design elements, Honda didn’t share more details about its battery or electric powertrain. The Prologue is likely to have 350 miles of range.

2024 Honda Prologue Electric Price & Release Date

If we look at other Honda models for prices, particularly its forthcoming CR-V Hybrid gives us some indications about the Passport is priced at less than $40,000 and the CR-V is less than $30,000. GM has announced that its Chevy Equinox Electric, an electric SUV, which will begin at around $30,000. The Prologue is scheduled to be manufactured by a company in North America that could qualify it for a tax credit for green vehicles, a lot of which were withdrawn in the last year.

2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Review
2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV Review

The Prologue’s release date is more apparent today, with sales scheduled to start in 2024. Honda is aiming for an estimated 70,000 units sold over the initial two years. Honda plans to design and develop more EVs built on its e-Architecture platform — also manufactured in the U.S.–and launch them by 2026. A new line comprising “affordable EVs” co-developed with GM will be available in 2027.