2024 Honda Prelude and the Possibility of Future EV Strategy

What is Honda’s plan for their 2024 Honda Prelude? Since the well-known auto brands of the world have announced their involvement in electrification, it has gotten so much attention and heat. It leads Honda to make its EV strategy. After all, the company wants to launch around 30 different EV models before 2030, so when would be the better time to start if not now? Several months ago, Honda released its first SUV that they call Prologue, matching its real stuff with the sketch. So, what do they have in store for the Prelude?

2024 Honda Prelude
2024 Honda Prelude

Is the Honda Prelude a Good Car?

Honda seems confident about the new Prelude because it would result from its partnership with General Motors. Not to mention that they are also optimistic about the design, which has to be admitted to be quite impressive and promising. Since they are working with GM, the Prelude may likely run with an Altium battery. The same battery is used in the more significant variants, such as GMC Hummer and Caddy Lyric, together with Chevy Blazer EV.

After the launch of the Prelude, Honda wants to release their Acura-brand lines. Afterward, they will start manufacturing models constructed on Honda E: Architecture that is planned on making the new EV range. They are also planning on selling one-of-a-kind and unique models with the architecture.

Design, Dimension, and Layout

The Prelude itself is designed as this adventurous SUV that isn’t only well equipped but also big. It is meant to be a comfy ride that is perfect for everyday usage and a weekend trip. The new 2024 Honda Prelude design results from collaborative work between the Japanese design team and the Los Angeles team. The main focus is on aerodynamics that can be improved through the modified body and simplified surface orientation. Such a thing is believed to improve cabin noise and drive range.

The Prelude would be created as a mid-size SUV having a three-row seat layout. Although the company hasn’t said many details about the upcoming Prelude (except for the teaser image), the SUV is definitely in production. The power is punchy and reliable.

2024 Honda Prelude Review
2024 Honda Prelude Review

This vehicle would be the first ever electric vehicle made by Honda for the American auto market but don’t expect the Prelude to be available for UK’s market. On the other hand, the European market will be offered Honda e: NYI, which will start in 2023. Honda plans to produce models with E: architecture so they can build a more solid relationship with GM. If everything goes as planned, Honda and GM will launch new lines of affordable electric rides by 2027. These lines would be constructed on a jointly-developed platform. Honda wants to sell 500,000 EVs in the American market alone by 2030.

Future Improvement

Aerodynamics would be the main focus of the Prelude because Honda wants to tackle wind resistance through design and layout. The car may not have a sloping roof, resulting in tons of generous space. In the cabin, expect technologies and more features to be offered. The Altium architecture allows the platform to be packed with an electric battery.

2024 Honda Prelude Release Date

Price and Release Date

Until now, further information about the price range, available trims, and release date of the Prelude hasn’t been available. But since it is designed as the 2024 model, it’s most likely to debut sometime in 2023. Honda may be providing more info soon after the car has been created close to the end of production of the 2024 Honda Prelude.