2024 Honda Accord Safe Design for the Future Launch

The Accord has this (positive) reputation as a reliable midsize sedan, so it should be interesting to learn about the possible updates and development of the 2024 Honda Accord. It’s nice to know that some reliable sedans in the world have been packed with SUVs, crossovers, and (pickup) trucks. After all, the 2024 model means that the Accord is about to get into its eleventh generation, which speaks volumes of its reputation and credibility. Some sources are fortunate enough to see the (leaked) patent images and spy shots of the upcoming sedan, so they can create rendering images to provide more precise ideas of what the sedan would look like. 

2024 Honda Accord Redesign Plan?

Will the new 2024 Honda Accord get a redesigned touchup? It’s not likely. Honda is said to try playing it safe, meaning that they won’t do anything significant or drastic to change the overall appearance of the Accord. The 2024 model would likely be a carryover, so expect some similar aspects to remain. The roofline, for instance, as well as the proportions, will stay. It’s safe to say that Honda may likely experience design restraint, which is also apparent from their new CR-V and Civic. 

2024 Honda Accord
2024 Honda Accord

But it doesn’t mean that the Accord doesn’t look appealing or elegant. It’s just the sedan plays it too safe. For many observers, the design looks similar to Ford Taurus. The LED headlamps would be slimmer, made matching to the trapezoidal grille. There would also include:

  • An LED taillamp cluster (which is full width).
  • A fastback silhouette.
  • A sheet metal surfacing that is fuss-free.

The trunk lid has a subtle lip, while the exhaust system seems’ hidden’ behind the lower-side bumper. 

2024 Honda Accord Interior

Many believe that the new 2024 Honda Accord gets many inspirations from the new CR-V, the 2023 model. Although the interior cabin may get some updates, the entire design is restrained. You can tell from the honeycomb cover on the (expanded) air vents and the big touchscreen display on the dashboard’s top area. 

Besides improved technology and more features, expect higher and more premium quality materials. Expect stuff like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bose sound system, wireless (smartphone) charging, and a complete set of driver assistance features. Keep in mind that the cabin is a carryover, which means that the space, layout, and dimensions will remain the same as the previous model. 

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid

In most cases, the new Accord would run on a hybrid powertrain. It uses an inline-four gas unit of 2.0-liter with two electric motors. This one can generate 204 hp and 247 Nm of torque, along with power being sent to the front wheels. Honda is sure that this new Accord has somewhat a punchier performance. 

Honda Accord 2024
Honda Accord 2024

Another option would include a turbocharged unit of 1.5-liter capacity (basically a carryover), generating 190 hp. Is there another one? Yes, it may run on a four-cylinder team with a 2.0-liter power that can generate 252 hp when paired with an auto ten-speed transmission. 

2024 Honda Accord Release Date

Although the information provided by Honda is minimal, the new Accord may debut before 2022. It’s also possible that it may debut at the beginning of 2023; after all, it is the 2024 model. As for the price, there is no information at all. The Accord will be competing against Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Altima, or Toyota Camry, so the price range should stray too much from those ranges. We should wait further for the 2024 Honda Accord.