2024 Dodge RAM EV and the Electric Development of the Truck

RAM has confirmed that their 2024 Dodge RAM EV will be coming soon. After they introduced their first-ever EV (pickup) truck during Chicago Motor Show 2022 last February, the company made sure they created something buyers like. That’s why RAM Trucks CEO, Mike Koval Jr., stated that they have the RAM Revolution program, which invites loyal fans to provide insight and feedback so they can create the best outcome only. Since the upcoming production would be the EV, they hope that fans’ feedback can help them make the best electric results, which would be great for both play and work.

2024 Dodge RAM EV Review
2024 Dodge RAM EV Review

2024 Dodge RAM Electric

This new RAM Electric would compete against some famous names, such as the Silverado EV (Chevy) and F-150 Lightning (Ford). New rivals have claimed that they can also provide promising outcomes, such as Hummer EV (which would be massive) and Rivian R1T.

This new EV line would be RAM 1500, designed to be the brand’s first-ever battery electric ride without the internal combustion unit. Mike Koval Jr. has stated that this 1500 EV may not be the first electric pickup they make, but they will make sure that it would be one of their best. The truck should be able to cover only 500 miles of distance with electric juice, which is impressive. It exceeds the coverage of the F-150 Lightning, which is said to cover 320 miles. It also exceeds the Silverado EV with its 400 miles of range. The battery can be charged with standard 150 kWh, but it’s unknown for long you can set it to meet the required demand.

2024 Dodge RAM EV Redesign
2024 Dodge RAM EV Redesign

The Range Extender

RAM did confirm that their future 2024 Dodge RAM EV 1500 would be coming with a range extender as the optional pick. However, they haven’t confirmed whether that 500 miles of coverage would also include the range extender. The range extender is a combustion engine that can only be used to recharge the batteries, not powering the drive wheels.

One of the biggest problems with electric power in a pickup truck is the fact that the electric range would decrease when towing. The range extender combustion engine can prevent such an issue because the machine helps with battery recharging action. Hopefully, this feature would greatly help boost the truck’s overall performance and qualities.

Design and Construction

RAM EV was constructed on an entirely new STLA frame, which would be used for all the big vehicles with bodies on the frame structures. When RAM released the frame images, it seemed that the frame would be enough to accommodate four motors, although only two were within the image. It doesn’t matter the powertrain, as the platform can accommodate it.

In terms of the (exterior) appearance, RAM TRX has likely become an inspiration for the development of this EV. The hood’s model looks similar, but the upcoming EV will have more futuristic designs and modern characteristics. The rear area seems like there would be taillights across the vehicle’s tailgate. But the images are still renderings, and there haven’t been any confirmations that the production model would have a similar design and outlook as the images.

Final Words

Unfortunately, detailed information about the EV truck is still minimal and scarce. Details about the powertrain are still unknown, as is the information about features or specs. There is no further release about the price tag or the release date. So, the best thing we can do is wait for the company to release additional info about their 2024 Dodge RAM EV.