2024 BMW X1 – The Ultimate Blend of Style and Performance

BMW’s entry-level crossover has just been revamped. The new model brought technological changes, but also subtle visual and mechanical updates. We would normally expect no major changes for 2024’s BMW X1, which will mark the second year of production. The company has plans to launch a few new options for powertrains in the next year’s production. According to reports, the coming model may include an electric hybrid model as well as some sources think about an all-electric model that has already been introduced in Europe.

2024 BMW X1
2024 BMW X1

Apart from powertrain upgrades, We don’t think the coming model will have more significant modifications. The overall style will stay the same, meaning you can expect a crossover that is composed of handling, a roomy and functional cabin, great interior design, and lots of standard features. However, we believe that the biggest disadvantage is the infotainment system which is an enlightenment curve.

2024 BMW X1 Review


As we’ve already mentioned one of the possible interesting features of 2024’s BMW X1 is to see improvements underneath the engine. The latest model comes with an updated version of the popular 2.0-liter turbo-four engine, which has a maximum output of 241 horsepower as well as an impressive 295 pounds of torque. Additionally, it comes with an upgraded dual-clutch system, that has a significant impact on performance overall.

However, numerous pieces of information suggest that electrified vehicles might finally be available in North America. One possibility is a plug-in hybrid with an output of approximately 350 horsepower. Additionally, there is the European market has already launched an all-electric version, which has dual motors. We believe that this model will be available in North America soon as well. The system has an overall output of more than 300 horsepower. It is available in a package with a 64.7-kW battery pack along with an electric charging system of 130 kW.


In addition to the new powertrain options, we’re not sure that 2024’s BMW X1 could bring more significant modifications. The most recent design brought mostly evolution and it’s no surprise when we consider that the model before it was already quite impressive. The new model comes with a 0.9-inch larger wheelbase, however, the overall form feels like the previous model. The chassis and suspension came with fine-tuning. The riding experience is much better and has a perfect balance between athleticism and comfort.

As we’ve mentioned earlier the overall appearance is quite like the previous model. The styling changes are evolving and the most significant ones are in the front. You can see an aggressive version of the popular kidney grille as well as more aggressive bumpers. new headlights, and a more aggressive overall appearance. It’s difficult to imagine that the 2024 BMW X1 could bring any significant style modifications.


This is also true for inside design. This is expected to remain the same. The most recent update brought a new dashboard design that incorporates the company’s most recent method of implementing technology. This is mostly referring to the huge dashboard that features a massive information display and digital instrument clusters, much similar to models such as X7 or the all-electric iX. Apart from that, the cabins appear pretty stylish, and we are impressed by the variety of premium materials that are used throughout the cabin.

2024 BMW X1 Interior
2024 BMW X1 Interior

As we’ve already discussed, the new model came with a slightly wider wheelbase, which increased the already spacious X1’s passenger space by a significant amount. Front seats have been well-designed with great side support and plenty of room. The second row can also accommodate adults easily This isn’t the usual situation with luxurious compact crossovers. It’s the same with the cargo space which is one of the largest in its category. In terms of numbers, it could be about 26 cubic feet more than the second row, and an additional 57 cubic feet of the total volume of cargo.


It’s difficult to imagine bigger changes although minor adjustments are feasible. The model we have is very well-equipped. It is equipped with features such as dual-zone air conditioning, ambient lighting, and a powered liftgate. A panoramic sunroof comes as part of the Convenience package as are heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel makes for separate options. The list of standard features includes a huge infotainment display, electronic instrument clusters, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, SiriusXM, etc.

In terms of safety and driver assistance features All models come including a forward collision alert, automated emergency stopping, lane departure alert blind-spot monitor as well as a rear cross-traffic warning as well as front and rear parking sensors. You can also select features such as adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist the hands-free mode at low speeds, and front cross-traffic warning.

2024 BMW X1 Specs
2024 BMW X1 Specs

2024 BMW X1 Release Date and Price

We are anticipating for 2024 the BMW X1 will arrive sometime during the second quarter of the year. It will have an estimated price of 39.000 dollars. The main competitors are models such as Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Volvo XC40, etc.