2024 BMW M5 : Everything You Need to Know

According to a trusted company insider, the 2024 BMW M5 will get a significant power boost when the plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle arrives. One member of the BimmerPost forum, known only as ‘gulden, claimed that the next-generation M5 could produce more than 500kW. This is despite their reputation for disclosing confidential BMW product plans.

2024 BMW M5 Review
2024 BMW M5 Review

2024 BMW M5 Review

The BMW XM super-SUV’s engine and transmission will be used by the new M5. It features a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 combined with a high-performance electric motor. This combination sends 550kW (in the flagship Label Red trim) and 1000Nm to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission made by ZF. According to the informant, the new BMW M5 will have 700 horsepower (or 522kW) but it may be slightly less than the XM. This could be to ensure that the M5’s lighter brother is not faster than its range-topping sibling.

The BMW M5 Competition produces 460kW from its twin-turbo V8, which if true represents an increase in power of over 13%. The M5 is similar to the BMW XM in that it may have a range of over 80 kilometers. This makes it a quiet commuter vehicle. The V8 is kept in reserve so the battery is not depleted.

The prototypes of the new BMW M5 sedan were seen testing in Europe. This suggests that the model could debut as soon as 2023. A wagon variant is reportedly planned to follow, to compete with rivals like Mercedes-AMG or Audi’s RS brands. According to a report from August 2021, the next-generation M5 could be the last to get a V8, with BMW expecting to switch its entire line-up to electric power by the end of the year. However, BMW continues to explore hydrogen as an alternative fuel source.

You might be wondering what about the i5 M? These three models will be included in the electric i5 range: i5 EDrive40 and 40 (340 hp), M50 xDrive (544 HP), and M70 xDrive (605 HP). Although the M70 is the most powerful version, it is also said to be the fastest charging. It is equipped with high-performance batteries and active steering.

The i5 M will take this role, but not before 2026. It is a widebody, four-motor, 1136-hp crackerjack with a four-motor, four-motor configuration. This replacement will be hot on the heels of the all-electric M4’s 1000-hp. The new high-performance electric drivetrain codenamed Katharina features ultrafast wheel-by–wheel torque vectoring, multistage cooling, and a supplementary brake–by–motor energy regeneration system. It also has new dynamic features such as piloted drifting or the ability to perform tank turns. The new talent level is made possible by a sophisticated advanced control unit internally called “Hand Of God”. It is not clear if this DNA will also produce the rumored BMW M supercar. Talks with McLaren about the matter have reached a cul de sac.

Interior & Exterior

Our spy photographers finally got to see the 2024 BMW M5. The exterior is unchanged and production-ready, as you can see in the gallery below. This time, the big news is the interior. There’s a surprising surprise here. The 2024 M5 will feature the same curved twin displays as the smaller models. Also, the flat-bottom M steering wheels were an expected feature. The lack of a traditional shifter was what caught us off guard. BMW had expected to keep the traditional shifter stalk for the 5 Series’ sportiest models, but this M5 has the switch-style shifter found on the 5 Series lower models.

2024 BMW M5 Specs
2024 BMW M5 Specs

Our spy photographers captured today’s prototype testing the M5 body. We have our best view yet of the next M5 because it has less camouflage than previously. Although it’s too early to predict how the 2024 M5 might look, this prototype does show some interesting elements. The prototype shows the wider fenders integrated into the body. It also has some larger side sills and a small portion of the grille. The inserts in the grille are different from the 5 Series. If you pay attention, you will notice this. They look very similar to the M4 CSL, which was just launched. The prototype also has the traditional M5 production headlights as well as the quad exhaust pipes. The M5 has a more aggressive appearance thanks to a little spoiler at the rear.

Interior: Expect the same iDrive8 screens as the 5 Series regular, but with the sporty touch of the M models like the sportier steering wheel and the leather-wrapped sports seats. BMW will have a new Touring body style for the first time since E61 M5, which will allow it to compete with the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon and the Audi RS6 Avant.


The most exciting changes to the M5’s next generation will be under the hood, as you already know. The current generation has a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 with 591 horsepower, and 553 pound-feet torque, and a twin-turbo 4.4-liter engine. However, the next M5 will come with a hybrid.

2024 BMW M5 Redesign
2024 BMW M5 Redesign

The same plug-in hybrid powertrain will be used in the next BMW XM. The next M5 will feature a twin-turbo V-8 paired with plug-in hybrid technology, a combination that is expected to produce around 750 horsepower. The next M5 will have 150 horsepower more than the current model and will outperform all other models. BMW could tweak that powertrain a little, but even 600 horsepower would still be quite significant.

2024 BMW M5 Released

The 2023 BMW 5 Series lineup is expected to be unveiled in the early part of next year. The M5 will likely follow in early 2024. Production of the M5 is scheduled to begin in July 2024.