2024 BMW i8 M: Release Date, Price & Design

In 2024 BMW i8 M can be described as the brand new Sports car from BMW It has an athletic design and a more luxurious and stunning interior and exterior. It will completely differ from the previous BMW i8. It’s a Plug-in hybrid Sports car. It also is more powerful than the present generation of i8. It will also be able to provide a longer and more efficient electric range than its predecessor and the current generation of i8. It will also generate more power thanks to its Plug-In hybrid technology. it’s been confirmed that it will also provide the highest performance and speed compared to the previous.

2024 BMW i8 M
2024 BMW i8 M

The BMW i8 M will be brand new for the 2024 Model year. Therefore, BMW might launch it in 2023, for the model year 2024. But, BMW is not announcing anything regarding the launch. However, some images of the brand-new BMW i8 M have been shared on social media, and it is stunning. If you’d like to learn everything you can about the upcoming BMW i8 M then must go through this article to the end, because in this article, we’ll be able to know everything we can about this. For instance, we’ll know when it will be available for purchase, what the price will be as well as how fast it will go and how far it can be covered in an electric mode. In addition, we will learn.

2024 BMW i8 M Release Date & Price

The new BMW i8 M 2024 is the all-new Sports car of BMW. BMW may launch it in 2023 to coincide with the model year 2024. And, according to the website Hotcars, BMW has claimed that the brand new BMW i8 M will go into sale in 2023 to coincide with the model year 2024. Therefore, it should be available shortly. However, its cost could be higher.

The brand-new BMW i8 M is expected to launch in two trims. The first could be released as a coupe, while the second model could launch as a roadster. The price may start at about $160,000 for the base trim. However, it could cost greater or less than the price that was anticipated. As of right now, BMW hasn’t yet announced its pricing exact for 2024’s model year.

Engine, Power, & Performance

We are aware that the brand-new BMW i8 M is a Plug-in Hybrid sports car that will produce more power than it did before. At the moment, specific information isn’t available from BMW on the amount of power it can generate. However, according to reports in the media that it will feature a powerful PHEV motor that can offer an electrical range of 62 miles in a fully electric range.

2024 BMW i8 M Redesign
2024 BMW i8 M Redesign

Additionally, it is expected that it will have three electric motors and a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which could produce a combined power output of 591 horsepower. Additionally, it will have an all-wheel drive transmission. An electric motor and gasoline engine which turn its rear wheels. The two other electric motors will spin their front wheel. So, this creates the ultimate all-wheel drive sports vehicle. Additionally, it will provide the most efficient performance. BMW claims it can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 3 seconds.

But, the current version of the BMW i8 came with a 1.5-litter three-cylinder engine that produced 369 HP of power, and it only traveled 18 miles when fully electric mode. Therefore, the model is a new BMW i8 M that will generate more power and will also provide a greater electric range.


We know that this is the car of sports, its exterior style is more aerodynamic and athletic. Also, you can see the exterior of it in its exterior photos. Knowing about the interior design of the car is a challenge since there is no information from BMW to date. According to reports in the press and predictions, it is probable that the interior of the car is going to be luxurious and have additional features in the interior. In addition, it is expected to have modern interiors with high-end and modern features. It is also possible that it will not have enough space for cargo. Regarding its luxurious and striking interior design, it’s likely that BMW employ high-end materials to construct its interior.

Range, Charging,& Battery Capacity

At the moment, BMW has not declared the battery capacity of the upcoming 2024 BMW i8 M Vision Sports car. However, they have said that the i8 M can be driven further with its electric range, which is about 62 miles in fully electric mode. BMW may boost its battery capacity in 2024’s model year. However, it has not yet announced its capacity.

In contrast to its previous version, BMWi8 is packed with an 11.6 kWh battery which provided an electric range of 18 miles, which is far not enough. We believe that BMW will release the exact capacity of its battery and charging time close to its release date for the 2024 model. We will update this post when we can with the exact capacity of its battery along with the charging duration.

2024 BMW i8 M Specs
2024 BMW i8 M Specs

MPG and Fuel Economy

More details about its fuel efficiency or MPG aren’t yet available. We will update this post in the shortest time possible once BMW makes available all the information about it.

Infotainment and Connectivity Features

We are aware that the 2024 BMW i8 M will be an entirely new Sports car with a stunning exterior design. BMW hasn’t released interior photos nor revealed details about the infotainment system it has yet to announce. However, we can speculate that it will feature the most modern and innovative infotainment technology that incorporates more modern connectivity options, such as Bluetooth wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless Charging pads and a huge touchscreen featuring the latest multimedia technology and a top audio system.

Safety Features

The BMW i8 M is a completely new Sports car that is expected to have a modern exterior and interior. We can anticipate the most modern and safest security features in the i8 M. We are hoping that it will come with more standard driver-assist technologies and safety features.

For example, we could anticipate an automated braking system that includes pedestrian detection and lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist and available adaptable cruise control as well as other safety features that are expected to be included in the forthcoming BMW i8 M 2024. However, more details are not yet released by BMW. Therefore, we don’t have any information regarding the car. However, we’ll be back soon with all the details.