2024 BMW i4 Revealed

The BMW i4 for the U.S. is the entry-level model of the BMW I line. The BMW i4 was launched as a model for 2022 and arrived in dealerships at the beginning of last year. It received an update for MY2023 later in the year. In July 2023, it is expected to get another update and become the 2024 model. The 2024 BMW i4 will feature several exciting features.

2024 BMW i4
2024 BMW i4

BMW i4 is a new electric car that has received a positive response from customers around the world. Since it’s the newest, there will be no design changes this year. MY2024 may bring new color and styling packages to the BMW i4, but its overall design will remain unchanged.

2024 BMW i4 Review

The i4’s three-box design is sanitizing to the eyes after a barrage of two-box SUVs in your face. The i4 is both traditional and futuristic. The BMW kidney grille is the most recent version, and it’s finished in a gloss black finish. The battery is cooled by a lower inlet and the brakes are cooled using vertical vents located on the bumper. Standard is the sleek, full-LED headlamps.

BMW i4 2024 will be offered in three electric powertrain variants: eDrive35 (eDrive40), M50, and eDrive40. The base model should have an 18-inch aero wheel. The eDrive40 may have 18-inch wheels standard, but 19-inch units should be optional. The i4 will probably come standard with 19-inch wheels and can be upgraded to 20-inch ones. Note that larger wheels will usually decrease the range.

The BMW i4’s door handles are flush with the bodywork and do not extend out. The window line is curved into a Hofmeister kink, while the roof gently slopes into the rear. BMW’s rear bumper has been redesigned to increase aerodynamics, as the taillamps have become incredibly sleek.

Both versions have a rear bumper with a vertical diffuser, and the side vanes are sharply cut. The M50’s front bumper features a U-shaped design with additional side intakes for cooling the brakes. This may not change in the MY2024 upgrade. The kidney grille trim and vertical trim around the air curtains will also be finished in Cerium Gray. The window surrounds will also feature the “M high-gloss Shadowline” trim, which is standard on the i4M50 variant. Gloss black will be used on the rest. The rear bumper is aggressively designed, and the tailgate has a spoiler.

Interiors & Features

After the MY2024 upgrade, the interior and exterior of the BMW i4 should remain unchanged. We don’t think there’s a need to make major changes in the cabin, which matches the sporty character of the car with its many driver-focused features. The i4 features a curved freestanding display that integrates two screens, a 12.3″ digital instrument cluster screen, and a 14.4″ infotainment monitor. It tilts towards the driver. BMW’s iDrive 8 is integrated into the screens. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also available.

BMW Personal Assistant communicates using intuitive graphics. Natural Dialogue allows passengers and drivers to communicate with the BMW i4 using voice, gestures, and gaze. The i4 is equipped with standard sports seats and a steering wheel. BMW has not eliminated the physical controls and there is a noticeable amount of buttons inside. The start/stop switch is located on the center console. This also contains the rotary iDrive control and buttons for e-parking, drive modes, and traction controls, as well as cameras and parking sensors. The central air conditioning vents are home to secondary music and climate controls. A standard 10-speaker audio system is equipped with a 205W amplifier. Optionally, a 16-speaker Harman Kardon audio system with an amplifier of 464 W is available.

2024 BMW i4 Review
2024 BMW i4 Review

Hans Zimmer also created artificial sounds to alert road users and pedestrians. You can change the sound using your infotainment system. There are also different outputs for Comfort and Sport driving mode. The M50 has a distinctive energetic tone that goes well with the performance-oriented engine. BMW worked with Hans Zimmer to fine-tune the sound. The brand says that even the slightest touch of the accelerator pedal will produce an authentic sound.

BMW i4 will be the first BMW with 5G support using an eSim. The eSim can be added to an existing mobile plan to enable a WiFi hotspot in the car. T-Mobile, the American telecom giant, has also introduced a special eSim for BMW called Magenta Drive. The eSim is linked to the BMW user ID of the customer and can be accessed whenever they sign in. What are the benefits to users? They can access their favorite music or movies on their preferred platform (Spotify, YouTube, for example), and they can also search the internet at 5G speeds.


BMWs are usually awarded the highest 5-star rating by Euro NCAP, but the BMW i4 makes an exception. The BMW i4 has been rated 4 stars in safety tests. The electric four-door coupe scored 87% for adult occupant and child occupant safety, but only 71% for road user vulnerabilities.

The i4’s Euro NCAP score was most affected by the average safety assist of 64%. The final report states that the car scored only 1.8 out of a maximum of 4 points for lane support. The i4’s Lane Departure Warning System, which operates at 70 km/hr (43 mph), does a good job of steering the car into its lane in normal situations but only marginally so in emergencies.

The i4 received 3.8 out of a maximum of 6 points for Autonomous Emergency Braking between cars. It is necessary to improve the front collision warning system with brake intervention. This feature can be activated at speeds up to 5 km/hr (3 mph). The absence of occupant detection in the rear and driver seats affected the score for safety assistance and, therefore, the star rating.


The 2024 BMW i4 is a carryover and may have the same performance and output figures. There are, however, some small improvements that can be made to the energy efficiency of the BMW i4 and therefore the driving range. The eDrive35, eDrive40 and M50 are all single-motor RWD models. The motor of the i4’s eDrive35 produces 282 horsepower and 295 lb. ft. (preliminary figures). The base version takes 5.8 secs to sprint from 0-60mph.

The i4 eDrive40 is equipped with a motor capable of producing 335 hp, and 317 lb. ft. It can accelerate to 60 mph from 0 in just 5.5 seconds, and reach a top speed of 118 mph. This variant comes standard with a self-leveling air suspension at the rear. BMW claims that this reduces body roll and pitch.

The i4M50 is for those who are willing to pay more money to have more horsepower. The two motors produce 469 hp and 538 lb. ft. With Sport drive mode, the driver can increase combined power and torque by 67 hp or 48 lb. ft. for over ten seconds. The result is 536 hp or 586 lb. ft. The fuel gauge icon on the instrument cluster indicates how much boost is available for how long. The M50 can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and reach a top speed of up to 140 mph.

When driving conditions require more grip, the i4’s M50 powertrain will only send torque to the front tires. M50 comes with adaptive M suspension as standard for dynamic handling. The i4 M50, like the i4 eDrive40, comes standard with a rear air suspension that automatically levels itself.


The i4 has a battery pack of 66 kWh, while the i4eDrive40 shares a battery pack of 81.5 kWh with the i4M50. The EPA-estimated range for the 2023 model is 256 miles, 301 miles (with 18-inch wheels), 271 miles (with 19″ wheels), and 227 miles (20″ wheels). These variants have range ratings of 256 miles with 18-inch rims, 301 miles with 19-inch rims, and 271 miles (with 20-inch rims)/227 miles (20-inch ring).


The maximum AC charging power for the i4 is 11 kW. BMW Group did not disclose how long it would take to fully charge an eDrive35 variant 66 kWh with an 11 kW charger. However, the 81.5 kWh battery packs of the other two variants took 8.25 hours.

Based on initial testing, the eDrive35 supports DC charging up to 180 kW. At that rate, customers can expect to receive a 10-80% charge in 32 minutes. The eDrive40, M50, and M60 variants have a slightly higher DC charging power – 200 kW. It takes just 31 minutes to charge their battery pack on direct current from 10 to 80% SOC.

2024 BMW i4 Specs
2024 BMW i4 Specs

The BMW i4 shares the same platform as the iX. This is a modified version of BMW’s Cluster Architecture. The eDrive40’s center-of-gravity is 2.1 inches lower compared to the BMW 3 Series sedan thanks to the battery module positioned in between the axles. A low center of gravity improves handling, and the ride quality is improved. The M50’s center is 1.3 inches lower compared to the sedan.

2024 BMW i4 Release Date & Price

BMW Group reports that the i4 & iX are very popular internationally. The German automaker began delivering its i4 and iX to the U.S. in late March of 2022. It will launch the i7 in the fourth quarter. BMW Group sold 15,584 BMW EVs to Americans in total in 2022. The company sold 6,588 electric vehicles in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2023.

The 2024 BMW i4 may be slightly more expensive than the current model. Prices start at USD 52,000 for the eDrive35 version, USD 57100 for the eDrive40, and USD 68700 for the M50. The weak global economy and geopolitical events have led to an increase in the price of raw materials, which has led carmakers into raising prices. This page will be updated when we receive new information.