2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Luxury Car Review

This 2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid is a new version of the thatch that will help the highly regarded model compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the newcomers such as the G80 models, which come with attractive hybrid and electrified models as well. The 750e xDrive is equipped with an inline-six turbocharged and an electric motor that produces a total of 483 horsepower as well as 479 pounds of torque.

2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Specs
2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Specs

It’s not as powerful as the more powerful 760i, but it offers plenty of power, paired with excellent comfort and increased efficiency on fuel. It also comes with a surprisingly long battery life of just 35 miles. In 2024, the 7 Series Hybrid aims to be the most luxurious executive-sized hybrid with a premium big cabin, a comprehensive range of technology, and a decent driving experience it could just be the best.

2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Release Date & Price

It’s the BMW 7 Series Hybrid is updated for 2024 and will enhance the range of the seventh-gen model, which is paired with its fully-electric i7. Although it shares the engine used in the 7 Series, the base model 7 Series, the new 750e is more efficient due to the addition of an electric motor that will give you more efficient mileage. It is equipped with all-wheel drive, and more luxurious interiors than the entry-level 7 Series, and enjoys the latest model year upgrades, like iDrive 8.5 infotainment system and semi-autonomous driving technology. The MSRP of the BMW 7 Series Hybrid is $107,000.

2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid
2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid

The price for the brand new 2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid is more than the six-figure mark, at $107,000, but it won’t be as expensive as that of the Merc S-Class, let alone the hybrid version. You’ll have to consider the destination cost of $995 along with dealer markups, registration, and licensing costs, however.

Handling and Driving

With power outputs in the middle of the 740i and 760i models, the 2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid is well-equipped to combine performance with quiet luxury very well. It can reach 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, however, it is unable to reach the speed of 127 miles per hour. It’s a lot, however, this car was never designed to be a track star.

The suspension shows that its main focus is on comfort because road abrasions can go invisibly unless there are tiny bumps in succession, which could cause a disturbance to the cabin bit. The good news is that there’s plenty of force in the wheel, that is well-balanced with electronic assistance and surprisingly precise.

The response is satisfactory but not to the degree, you’ll have to be comfortable throwing the massive car into turns at a high speed and hoping to be at the other end in the direction you wanted to go. It’s good to know that many standard driver-assistance tools will ensure you’re not losing control of the car and even opt for semi-autonomous driving, in case you want a more supervised experience. In this regard in the rear seat, you’re an excellent spot to sit, since it’s more roomy than the front one and has numerous luxurious upgrades like the entertainment center in the rear.


There’s plenty to appreciate regarding this 2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid, assuming you can overlook its unflattering face. That massive grille shouldn’t be an issue, but when you get inside, you’ll realize that the exterior is only superficial, since the interior is incredibly luxurious and especially so due to the 750e upgrade that offers extended Merino leather seats. Some features ought to have been included as available, like heated rear and front seats, but the cost for these features is one percent of the total price of the car which is why most buyers choose all the boxes without thinking about them.

The 7 Series has BMW levels of handling and performance, even though the executive car is more geared toward luxury quality of living, giving the 750e a distinct advantage over other single-trick vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class, and those who are aware that if they manage their budgets the money they spend will do the same for them.

2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Interior
2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Interior

will appreciate the increased efficiency of the engine and the 35-mile all-electric range. In the end, the brand 7 Series’s new, hybrid 7 Series is a welcome new addition to the lineup. It is the best example of the high-value concept of a high-performance luxury executive sedan. It’s an impressive name however, it’s got a pleasant ring to it.

2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Changes

The price is lower than the majority of its competitors in the USA The latest 2024 BMW 7 Series Hybrid Sedan can ask you to pay a little more to get the options you want. Even if you opt for the Premium and Executive options, add the panoramic LED sunroof and then upgrade to the 40-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system and you’ll pay less than a hybrid executive car from Mercedes. The theater-style screen behind the back seat may be a bit too much but if you’re planning to spend a lot of time sitting in the back, it could be worth pampering yourself with a bit.