5 Candidates for the Future Best Hybrid Cars For 2024

If you have been tuning into hybrid vehicles for your future rides, knowing some of the lists of the best hybrid cars for 2024 may help. This is a sound and logical option. The auto industry is moving to a modern aspect: electrification. With emission rules getting stricter and the price of gas increasing from day to day, it’s only logical if switching to electric vehicles would be a better option. Not to mention that it would be eco-friendlier for Mother Earth. So, if you are looking for a reliable hybrid ride for your everyday activities, here are some of the options.

Best Hybrid Cars For 2024

Below we suggest you some choices for the best hybrid cars for 2024.

Toyota Prius

This is the variant that has popularized the hybrid unit. This is the pioneer of hybrid vehicles. Since 2003 marked the launch of the second generation, Prius has inspired many auto manufacturers to make hybrid variants. Naturally, Toyota has improved the Prius with tons of features, the latest technologies, and efficiency, but you have to admit that style and design have become outdated. Rumor has it that Toyota has been developing a new Prius. The new Prius should be ready to compete against other sportier hybrids in 2024. Details are still rare, but you can expect the best when it comes to Toyota and Prius.

2024 Toyota Prius
2024 Toyota Prius

Lexus UX

Lexus plans on offering only hybrid lineups only starting in 2023, so the UX 200 (the nonhybrid model) would be replaced with the newer and more efficient UX 250h. There would also be different trims and options. The UX is often compared to the fancier Prius. Although the UX may not be as fancy as the Prius, it gets pretty significant updates, especially for the 2024 model. So far, the biggest challenge would be about the interior cabin and the newer infotainment, which is bigger than the previous one. The UX would be designed as this compact SUV/crossover, while the RX and NX would be the more considerable option to carry more passengers.

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

Although Chevy confirmed that they are developing Corvette C8’s electric version, some of their tests showed them testing the E-Ray, which is Corvette’s hybrid version. The E-Ray would be slotted between the higher Z06 and the base Stingray. It seems that the E-Ray would use the V8 unit with a 6.2 liter capacity with a rear wheel driving system, but a pair of electric motors (located on the front axle) would be used to boost performance. Corvette Zora may also use a hybrid unit, so it can go with a twin-turbo V8 quite well. If the claimed performance is true, then it’s reasonable that E-Ray is included in the best hybrid cars for 2024 lists.

Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari is serious about developing this hybrid vehicle. As it gets nearer to the launch date, the company even teased it for the motoring company, claiming that it would be coming with a V12 unit. The V12 powertrain would likely be the top trim, but it also means that Ferrari has the ‘lesser’ options. The hybrid line may come with a V6 hybrid twin-turbo unit with a 3.0-liter capacity, delivering 820 hp. Many have predicted that it would be one of the coolest hybrid rides launched in 2023, as the 2024 model. We have to wait and see for further confirmation.


2024 BMW M5
2024 BMW M5

The testing prototypes of Beemer M5 have been spotted here and there, especially in Nürburgring. From the looks of it, it has a promising future. The future M5 would be running on Va 8 twin-turbo unit, but this time, an electric motor would accompany it for improved performance. Although Beemer hasn’t provided any details about the utilization of the hybrid unit, but they are sure that the output would be promising. Hopefully, the M5 won’t disappoint. After all, it is included in the list of the best hybrid cars for 2024 for some good reasons.