2025 Mitsubishi Triton Will be Revealed

General manager of Engineering for EV powertrains, Takashi Shirakawa has confirmed that the electric model “is under development,” however, the exact flavor that electrification will be “not decided yet”, but further discussion suggests that a battery-electric variant could be being developed first.

2025 Mitsubishi Triton Changes
2025 Mitsubishi Triton Changes

2025 Mitsubishi Triton Review

The Triton EV (pictured) keeps the basic sheet metal that we used in our earlier Triton renderings but it has aerodynamic details in the form of a grille that is largely blanked off as well as a sleek sports bar and wheel covers that reduce drag. The construction of a battery-powered ute isn’t an easy task like Shirakawa-san mentioned earlier weight will be an issue. A battery-powered Triton requires a minimum of 500km of driving distance and load-lugging capacity at around 3000kg towing capacity with brakes, and around 1000kg of payload to make a mark with private buyers.

However, the Triton BEV could not target people who own recreational utes. Shirakawa-san cited fleets and the increasing requirements. Australian mining firms, for instance, are currently testing BEV utes, which include the electric 70 Series and the incredibly costly LDV eT60, as well as SEA Electric’s upgraded HiLuxes as well as Rangers.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, even though Mitsubishi is a major market player in Australia (the seventh largest brand) In Japan it’s a small player just behind Nissan, Subaru, and Suzuki. “Plug-in hybrids are possible, but we think BEV could be better suited to the pickup truck. As you may know, possibly in Australia as well, some of the fleet firms require a battery electric and they need pure electric vehicles for these,” said Namiki-san.

“We understand that there is a demand [for BEV], but for PHEV pick-up trucks, at this point, we don’t see a lot of demand… we might come up with a PHEV for frame-based vehicles but in [the mid-term plan], it’s excluded,” Namiki-san said. The engineered combustion Triton ute is preparing for a launch at the close of the year If the mid-term plans’ timeline is as accurate, a BEV ute that’s sounding more and more like the Triton EV – will be available in 2025, with a PHEV version being a more distant possibility, possibly with Ralliart performance goals.

2025 Mitsubishi Triton Interior
2025 Mitsubishi Triton Interior

“We look forward to sharing more details of the development process, and of the new Triton’s Australian range, specification, timings, and pricing as we move towards delivering this next-generation utility vehicle to Australian customers,” said Mitsubishi Australia spokesperson. Mitsubishi Australia spokesperson.


In the hood and under the skin The 2025 Mitsubishi Triton will deliver a few significant improvements. To begin, Mitsubishi will add a bigger intercooler to that front fascia. The next-generation Triton will feature a turbodiesel four-cylinder engine as the standard. The engine will be upgraded with new brakes as well as other improvements to mechanics.

We’re not sure if this engine can produce more power, but better efficiency in fuel consumption is a possibility. The main point is that hybrid engines. Mitsubishi plans to develop an electric hybrid or a plug-in hybrid. It is unclear if the automaker plans to integrate the electric motor into a gas or diesel engine. It is believed that the Triton Hybrid model will have two electric motors as per reports.

This will allow the truck to comply with CO2 standards across the world. More powerful batteries are on the way, meaning that Mitsubishi Triton is expected to be able to drive for a long time. The automaker stated it will be powered by a hybrid engine. would be an option. Of course, Mitsubishi is building this hybrid system in conjunction with Nissan as well as Renault.

Another important issue is transmission. The gearbox had a 6-speed option in the past, however, Mitsubishi offers the more reliable 7-speed auto transmission. The most popular rivals come with 10-speed or 8-speed models. Additionally, the Triton truck is expected to have the capability of 4×4 as an alternative.

2025 Mitsubishi Triton Specs
2025 Mitsubishi Triton Specs

2025 Mitsubishi Triton Release Date & Price

As of right now this moment, this Triton model is on sale at $30,000, or less. Additionally, it goes up to close to $60,000 for the top version. The 2025 model that is coming out Mitsubishi Triton will probably cost more than the model that is currently in production but that’s only an educated guess. According to Mitsubishi, the first official pictures will be released in the coming months, and sales will begin in the next few days.