2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Retaining the Compact Sedan Style

The Civic has been known as a reliable and compact sedan, so it should be exciting to learn more about the upcoming 2024 Honda Civic hybrid. Yes, the forthcoming 2024 model would likely start the mark of a hybrid powertrain, offering a more eco-friendly option without compromising performance and quality. The Civic hybrid would be developed still using the Civic platform but with more features and abilities.

2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Specs
2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Specs

About 11th Gen of Civic

You should expect big things to happen for the new Civic, especially with hybrid power. Insight was initially positioned as the exclusive hybrid alternative for the Civic. The company has planned out 2023 Civic e: HEV for the European market, so it should be a good (and solid) foundation for the new 2024 model of Civic hybrid. It’s nice to know that the compact sedan will remain and get an attractive (and plush) cabin with upscale styling. Still, it seems that Honda wants to focus more on the new Civic hybrid, so they would skip producing the Insight. So, if you have been waiting for Insight, it’s sad to know that it won’t be coming (again) for the 2024 model.

2024 Honda Civic Hybrid

Although Honda hasn’t revealed their powertrain details for the Civic hybrid, other e: HEV variants can give you better Insight and more precise ideas. Based on other e: HEV variants in other markets, they are using a four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle unit with a 1.0-liter capacity that would come along with 2 (compact) electric motors, whose output is expected to reach 181 hp and around 232 Nm of torque. The information about fuel economy details hasn’t been revealed yet, but it should be better and higher than the existing Insight.

2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Redesign
2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Redesign

Pros and Cons

Some of the good things about the new Civic hybrid is that it is constructed based on the familiar Civic platform. It’s not outdated or worn or anything alike. Because of the standard construction, expect it to have a good fuel economy. Moreover, the interior design would be good-looking and stylish.

However, the new Civic hybrid isn’t completely perfect. Honda is pretty ‘late’ compared to other brands for the electrification game. And the new Civic hybrid’s development means there won’t be any Insight, so it’s not good news for those who have been waiting for the Insight. But in an overall sense, the Civic hybrid has various promising features and technologies, which would be exciting for its further development.

Design and Style

The new 2024 Honda Civic hybrid is said to be constructed on the new 2022 platform (for Civic), which means that it would come as a compact sedan with improved style and driving dynamics. Although it’s sad to see the Insight no longer available in the lineup, it’s pretty exciting to know that the Civic would be an excellent addition to it.

2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Release Date
2024 Honda Civic Hybrid Release Date

2024 Honda Civic Release Date

Honda hasn’t released their official announcement about the upcoming Civic hybrid, which includes the price range and release date. But considering that it would be released as the 2024 model, you should expect it to be available soon in 2023.

Honda is in the middle of its revamping process with more hybrid models, and they have started with the Accord hybrid and the CRV-V hybrid. The Civic hybrid will follow in the footsteps of these models. Honda wants their hybrid lines to set around 50% of the sales. By 2014, they want to have 100% of their EVs. Their 2024 Honda Civic hybrid would compete against the new Toyota Prius, Toyota Corolla hybrid, Kia Niro, and Hyundai Elantra hybrid.