Future 2024 Dodge Viper as a Midsize Coupe

The upcoming 2024 Dodge Viper is likely coming as the future (and modern) midsize coupe. Designed to compete against strong contenders and names like Jaguar F-Type R, Porsche 911 Carrera, and Chevy Corvette, it’s only logical to expect that the upcoming Viper would have a similar sports style with impressive speed. Dodge seems to be getting prepared with their new Viper as they have arranged everything in detail. So, what can we expect from the future Viper, anyway?

2024 Dodger Viper
2024 Dodger Viper

General Release

As mentioned, the Viper is designed to compete against other solid names in the industry, so it’s only logical if Dodge takes it super seriously. If everything goes as planned, the Viper will come in 5 different trims. Although the details of the specs and features are still unknown, the starting price likely starts from around $88,000, and the highest trim may reach $119,000. The Viper is only offered in one powertrain, the V10 unit with an 8.4-liter capacity, delivering 645 hp and 600 Nm of torque. It will pair up with manual 6-speed transmission. Dodge claims that the Viper can reach only 60 mph within 3.5 seconds, having 14 mpg combined. Eight hues would be offered for the exterior colors, but the details are still shady.

For the new Viper, there won’t be any auto transmission being offered. But Viper has been known for its incredible acceleration, swift performance, and fantastic speed. It is super lovely to handle and tackle, including in corners.

The Redesigned Plan

Guillaume Mazerolle created the so-called Viper Basilisk concept, which is said to be the sixth-gen of Viper – or at least the simulated one. This isn’t just a future image sketch but a valid concept (and a well-designed one) that has been ingrained firmly within the previous Viper generations. The Basilisk concept still retains the organic and sensual proportions of the GTS coupe. It includes several signature Viper elements, such as the extended headlights, bulged hood, and crosshair front grille. The rear spoiler with ducktail style, muscular back fenders, and (highly) carved front fenders will stay.

2024 Dodge Viper Photo
2024 Dodge Viper Photo

Designs on the Exterior and Interior

The vented engine hood and race-inspired front area make the future 2024 Dodge Viper look fresh and modern. It’s all because of the transparent roof, more prominent diffuser, and a lightbar (instead of the headlights). Although the paint colors for the outside haven’t been announced officially, it seems that there would be Blue Pearlcoat, Green Stryker, Orange Stryker Tri-Coat Pearl, Blue Competition, Gunmetal Pearl, Purple Stryker, Black Venom Clearcoat, Silver Billet Metallic Clearcoat, Red Adrenaline, Blue Ceramic, and White Viper. More than just eight colors are offered for the new Viper.

The interior of the 2024 Viper is designed as a high-performance ride, delivering outstanding comfort and a convenient ambiance. Moreover, expect high-end technologies and features, including sophisticated navigation, satellite radio, voice command system, Bluetooth connection, and so much more. Further information about the features and detailed specs should be available once Dodge is ready to disclose all.

Price and Release Date

The concern of price is still debatable. Whereas one source mentions the starting price of less than $90,000, other sources claim that the price may start close to $100,000. The highest trim may reach close to $200,000 – and the standard (retail) price at around $145,000. Of course, we must wait for Dodge to release their final pricing list finally. For availability, the Viper may be released in the summer of 2024. Again, we still need to wait for the company to release the details of the 2024 Dodge Viper finally.